IOG’s Digital Executive Leadership Program

Technology is changing everything in our world And that’s why it’s more important than ever that public sector leaders have the digital literacy and leadership skills they need to be able to manage government in the digital age. That’s why I’ve partnered with the Institute on Governance to launch this new Digital Executive Leadership Program. It’s a five day bootcamp that teaches public service executives from all over Canada the skills they need around design thinking, digital technology and data, and helps them hear from leaders from across Canada and across the world about how to bring those skill sets and that digital awareness back to their home organizations to help them be able to deal with the governance challenges of the 21st century. IOG Digital Executive Leadership course, wow, what a great experience unpacking digital, what it means to be not just a leader in this space, but you know what it means to be agile, working with disruptive technologies, AI, blockchain, going from the high level down to the practical. It was just a wonderful experience. Impressed with the caliber of speakers So it’s like this intense conference like experience except Ryan provides the thread and the framing and pulls it all together so it’s been an awesome week thanks to the IOG staff, great food and a chance to talk to other colleagues working across the public service to get ideas about what they’re doing, how they’re recruiting, how they’re organizing themselves, types of strategies they have in place, well worth the investment Came into this course and I really was pretty much digitally illiterate if that’s a term and And I really didn’t know what to expect but I think what’s impressed me most about it is that It’s been really well designed I think it’s taken you through design of anything digital all the way through some of the tools, It’s been pitched in a way that anyone can kind of consume the material It doesn’t assume a lot, so And I think it really positions you to anyone that takes the course to walk out of it in a leadership role and understand what they need to do, who they need to engage, where the community’s practice are I think I leave with a sense of urgency to take what I’ve learned here and apply it in one or two concrete ways and hope that converts to see what kind of difference it can make at the same time. Thank you Ryan Androsoff and IOG for a very great course this past week It has been bright, thought-provoking; great conversation, great line of speakers and is something that is very much needed in public service right now. A couple of things I took away from this first is coming to a digital course and one thing that came throughout all the modules But that departs of putting human in digital and that’s a very enormous trouble excuse entering approach either designing digital tools and deciding policy itself. Very important message for all of us to take away, so I’ll highly highly recommend that for a lot of leaders not only at an executive level, but it’s a skill needed at every level. Registration is now open for our second cohort on March 4, 2019. Follow the link in the description for more info! And thanks for watching!

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