Intro and Screen reading – Python plays Grand Theft Auto V p.1

What’s going on everybody and welcome to a Python Plays GTA V tutorial series. So in this series, what we’re going to be doing is just simply exploring the open world of Grand Theft Auto with Python, seeing what we can come up with and what we can do. The truth is I really don’t know. The only thing I’ve done for this entire series is just make sure it’s possible. So I wanted to make certain a few things. One thing is that we can just process frames quickly enough, so if we can only process frames at like 1 or 2 frames a second, that’s probably not gonna be good enough to really do much at all in this game. So I was really kinda hoping for at least a 10+ frame per second process rate, especially if all we’re doing is trying is just trying to get the frames into Python. Coz then we’re gonna in theory we’ll to be running algorithms and all kinds of stuff. So that was one thing I wanted to confirm and the other thing I wanted to confirm was that we can actually control Grand Theft Auto with Python. I was pretty sure we could just use Zenkeys or PyAutoGui, but I wasn’t positive on that. As long as we can do those two things, I knew that “Okay, we can actually do this project.”

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