Intelligent Browser RFID Scan Posting Fast Without Taps

Today, we’ll show iScanBrowser and the power
of web form rules technology. In this video, we’ll setup a web form rule
and show it in action. You can see we have iScanBrowser open and,
by default, it opens to List-In-Hand Mobile List. Note: iScanBrowser can be unlocked to have
any default home page. To get to our desired page, we’re going to
go to the settings tab and grab the URL we want to configure from our bookmarks manager. After selecting the URL and navigating to
the webpage we can go to the settings and then select web form rules. We’ll press the little green plus sign to
add a new rule and utilize the wizard to assist in setup. In this case, we want to be able to tap on
the field where the scan should go so we will select the first option. Next, we’re brought to the web app where we
need to select the field that the scans are posted to. Once the correct field is selected we’re taken
to the target menu to confirm that the field is for scans. Once you press next, you can determine the
URL associated with this web form rule. For this example, we only want this to apply
to this particular webpage. Hit next one more time, review your choices,
and then hit save. Be sure to uncheck the default web form rule
before you proceed. And then, press back to return to the webpage
and we’re ready to scan. Once the web form rule is setup we can use
the connected scanner to scan RFID tags and post their value into the designated field
automatically without any need to tap repeatedly on that field. As we scan, you can see the field populates
in the top right and the code is generated in the text box below as each scan comes through. Are you using a web app and want better, faster,
and more accurate results? Or need custom rules to match the workflow
of your business? Contact Serialio or leave a comment below
to find out how we can improve your business. Thanks for watching.

One thought on “Intelligent Browser RFID Scan Posting Fast Without Taps

  1. i want to check some questions.
    1. if i have my shopping mall web-site. my customers able to login website as their id?
    2. is it possible to login multiple place? (it means operate few sub-offline shop rfid reader)

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