Innovative parking app piques dragons' interest | Dragons' Den

45 thoughts on “Innovative parking app piques dragons' interest | Dragons' Den

  1. Hi I'm Jenny I will offer you all of the money from every tablet, my tights,the ear rings, my high heel shoes, the lamp shades, my Gucci handbag, my lip stick, my car keys, a compact dishwasher, my phone, the voucher for Argos, my nail polish, plus my necklace. But I want 4% off my parking. Hi I'm Debra now I'm flaming excited over a traffic warden in uniform clamping my car💋 hi I'm chili con carne and this is not as hot as me or my tikka masala. Hi I'm monopoly man this is not my Skoda. Hi I'm Duncan so ho ho mo much profit I get I on this p p p parking lot of spaces using yellow lines. If I dance in my kilt eating haggis would Scotland save more on all parking lots. Jenny it's not complicated ya goat just hand over your San tan Dear Stag fund's.

  2. I want him to be more confident. I could sense dragons couldn't say they are out because he is not investable not his idea. He can't play big ball and they didn't like it.

  3. I think it is adaptable to other applications, like electric charging stations, phone chargers, eh…mailbox near by, bike lock near by, scooter charger near by, eh….no?

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