Incredible Dordogne Chateau for Rent: Troubadour Castle

well the name is shot to Amara watt and from what we're told it comes from the Roman word mood item which means wall because it used to be a Roman fort fact in 100 AD because the Roman Road runs right below the castle we've had four number-one hit songs he'd written here we've had one song this lady uncut did 35 million Britney Spears sang a song last year that had the word chef Tamarra wat in it Cher Jon Bon Jovi sting Carole King when somebody writes a song that goes number one ourselves ten billion we Knight them and bring them into the Grand order of the Troubadour and of Morrowind castle so lady Lady Carole King has been here three times actually don't blend to Carlisle Ellie Goulding Jason Mraz Jack back Ted Nugent but before that before I bought it apparently Edward Heath was here and the Queen Mother percent so that's why we called the suite the Queen Mother suite because apparently she came and said I have to have another room for my lady-in-waiting the same thing so they took the biggest bedroom in the place cut it in half put two bathrooms in so that lady-in-waiting could be covered as well so with us that now the Queen Mother suite so I like to see people see that then they go into the some of the rooms you know Wow look at this you know I mean if you have a house that people say wow about that's kind of fun

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