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You know how some youtubers do crazy things once they reach a certain subscriber milestone? Well, I thought, “What could be crazier than offering to read over 1000 college application essays for free, especially as a busy college student who’s getting ready for finals season. So you might be thinking, “Why are you doing this to yourself?” And the answer is… well, it’s because I had so much fun writing supplemental essays for 16 different colleges during the winter break of my senior year that I just… I just wanted to relive the experience. No, but honestly this is just my way of thanking every single one of you for watching my videos, leaving positive comments, and just inspiring me to keep making videos. I also know that a lot of you are working on your college application essays right now and, as someone who knows just how stressful this process can be, I figured this would be a great way for me to help you guys out. And you don’t have to be subscribed to the channel for me to read your essay, but I’ll be posting some really good college admissions advice videos within the next couple weeks, so it might be worth subscribing. Okay, before we go over how this will work, I’m gonna share some brief background information about myself so that you don’t think I’m just some random dude on YouTube, who’s gonna steal your essay and then give it to College Board so that they can sell it back to you and make even more money because, you know, they’re a nonprofit organization and they just really need the money. SAT fees, AP exam fees, SAT Subject Tests fees, Score Report fees, all of that? It just… isn’t enough. You know what I mean? Anyway, so I’m currently a sophomore at USC and during my freshman year, I spent a lot of time on Reddit, giving advice and critiquing people’s essays for free. I would spend about two hours making edit suggestions and leaving feedback on each essay. And I read at least 50 essays last year, most of which were USC supplemental essays, UC application essays, common application essays, and just a bunch of different college supplemental essays. So my specialty is mainly the USC and UC essays, but I’m open to reading any college application essays that you guys have. Some of the people I’ve read essays for ended up getting admitted to schools like Stanford, Yale, USC, USC with a full-tuition scholarship, and a bunch of other colleges. I’m not trying to say that my critiques got them into these schools, but what I am saying is that the experience I gained from critiquing essays has helped me get a pretty good idea of what a great college essay should look like. Also, I made a video of me breaking down my USC common application essay that helped me become a finalist for their full-tuition scholarship, so if you need any essay tips or ideas, that video might be helpful. Okay, assuming that we hit at least 1,000 essays, I’m not gonna be able to spend two hours critiquing each person’s essay while leaving in-depth edit suggestions. So instead I’ll be spending about 15 minutes on each person’s essay while giving feedback on your writing as a whole. I’m not sure if that makes sense. So let me elaborate on that. Basically if it’s a common application essay, I’ll be focusing on your topic, how well you present your topic, the flow of your essay, your content, your word choice, and your use of literary elements. And if it’s a supplemental essay, I’ll be focusing on most of what I just mentioned and also some other things depending on the prompt. And if there’s something specific that you want me to give you feedback on, like say you’re unsure of whether or not the anecdote in your intro paragraph works well in your essay? Or you’re concerned about your essay not feeling genuine, or maybe you just don’t know if your conclusion’s strong enough? I can help you with that as well. What I won’t be looking for, though, are grammatical errors, typos, punctuation issues, and other small things like that. For that kind of stuff, you can use a grammar checker like grammarly, and you should also proofread your essays like 10 times before you submit it to the colleges you’re applying to. So to keep everything organized, I created multiple emails, one for the common application essay, one for UC essays, and a few others for different college supplemental essays. All you have to do Is comment below if your essay is a common application essay or a supplemental essay, and let me know which college the essay is for. Once you leave a comment, I’ll reply with a specific email address based on the type of essay you’re sending me and the school you’re applying to. From there, just email me a Google Docs link to your essay and share it with me. And to keep things fair please only email me a Google Doc link to one essay if you want me to read a common application essay, or a link to two essays if you want me to read supplemental essays. So say you want me to read your UC essays. Only send me two out of your four UC essays for me to critique. And if you want me to read your 650 word main common application essay, please only send me that one essay. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Besides commenting what type of essay you want me to read and which college it’s for, please put the due date in the comment as well. I’ll be prioritizing essays with the nearest deadline, so UC essays and USC scholarship essays will probably be reviewed first. And I’ll be reading essays all the way up until the end of December. So if you don’t have your essays ready just yet, don’t worry. I can critique them still anytime before then. Also, one last thing, some of my subscribers aren’t applying to college this year since they’re juniors, so if any of your siblings, your friends, your neighbors, your neighbor’s dogs, or just anyone you know is applying to college and wants their essays to be read, please share this video with them so that we can hit at least 1,000 essays before the end of December. And until then, I’ll see you in the next video!

31 thoughts on “I WILL READ 1000+ COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS | 1000 Subscribers Special!

  1. Shiv you’re honestly a really genuine and amazing YouTuber and person. I desperately need your help on my common app essay.

  2. Hey Shiv. I’m working on my common app essay. I would greatly appreciate it if you Could help me edit. Thank you much Shiv, your the best!. The deadline for the essay is November 15. I am applying to some Ivy leagues schools such as Cornell and Columbia. In addition to Hofstra, city university of New York, NYU, St. John’s and Hunter college.

  3. Nice to see that you are still out here helping people! I have my common app due Nov 15 for UWash and I also am applying to USC (so I will be using my common app personal statement for USC as well), after all of your help on Reddit, YouTube and even Discord, I'd love to have you help me edit my essay

    thanks in any case and +1

  4. Hey guys, please don't directly email me your essay by looking at the emails from other comment since it makes it hard to keep track of who's essay I'm reading/who's essay I still have to read + some essays ended in the wrong email. So to make things easy, just send the link to the specific email I reply to you with! : D

  5. Hey Shiv! First of all, congratulations on a 1000 subscribers and thanks so much for doing this! I am applying to UWash on Nov 15th and a couple of UCs too. So if you could mainly help with me with my common app and 1 or 2 UC Essays, that would be amazing! Keep up the great work and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  6. I want you to review my common app essay and my deadline is on January next year. I didn't finish it yet. Can I send you when I finish writing?

  7. Waiting for advice and tips video, can you make a video discussing in detail what makes that essay effective and good for particular school?

  8. Common Application essay for Stanford, Pomona, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Duke, Cornell, Columbia, Vanderbilt, Williams, NYU AD, and Amherst c:
    btw I’m so grateful for what you’re doing Shiv!! I’m an international student so there’s not much info where I live. your SAT tips, however, have helped me out tremendously!

  9. ugh if only you were doing this a few weeks ago!! i already sent in all my apps for the EA deadline! But anyways this is so amazing what you're doing! just subscribed btw 🙂

  10. Hey! Thank you so much for this. The world needs more heroes like you. PLEASE I need help with my Common App Essay. I'll be submitting some applications by December.

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