I Let My GIRLFRIEND Search My PHONE! *Caught Cheating*

today I'm going to be such and my boyfriend's boat I'm finding out and he's a cheater wow it was great meeting you last night yeah it was so much fun taking pics in Instagram that's nice up whatever picture oh do you guys my boyfriend worlds has been acting really weird lately he's always texting and hiding his phone from me and it's getting really suspicious and he's definitely not texting his friends because he hasn't have any friends so must be another girl so janae I'm gonna turn on detective Carroll mode I'll find out if my boyfriend is a cheater and the way I'm gonna do this it's by searching his phone because as we all know that's what a secret but okay guys as you can see Morgan he's in his room playing for tonight I think I can see his phone on his desk and since he's distracted playing for tonight this is the perfect time to strike Oh Oh God I probably if I just did that I am some sneaky I'm basically a ninja I probably were just one enough I took his phone and I can't back it and he has no idea that I happen and now I got to go through and explore all of the secrets oh wow he has absolutely no idea that I have is fun oh my god I am such a genius this is actually kind of crazy kara I think you're some explaining to do you want the truth the truth is you're cheating on me whoa I've seen you texting and hiding the phone I know you're up to and now like going firm I'm gonna search it in front of all of team books I suppose the real you you're a liar and a cheat well anyway that's something you see Morgan you're guilty and you know and I love it and you know that I know okay Morgan I'm just gonna jump straight into it and start your blood rose bota find in there it's probably just gonna be one of the ugly selfies and pictures of food pictures of other girl there's no pictures of the girls in my mother it was her birthday what's this and this oh they definitely don't need to be shown in a video with millions of people watching what Morgan's maybe I was wrong I don't think any girl's gonna want to go need you or something like that Walter what is this who you said this to I don't know what was that excuse for a six-pack well that's out you're lying about going to the gym that was just for my snap just story I pull this I did send it to a girl why would you play something so revealing like that little story put some clothes on no one wants to see what's on tonight anyway trust me who's this club that's a girl and you know wash it really well hopefully I'm wavered in her oh my god she's kind of gross uh she got a disturbing what does she look like that era past you you've been unclean I think that's a photo of me at a final veto I told you I am cleanest yeah maybe clean but I've still a lot more to search this isn't over guys he may survive test number one but he's not gonna survive test number two his messages wait what you're not gonna go through my messages are you yep me like you're hiding something in that oh no guys I think Kara are you sure you wanna do this I promise you're not gonna find anything you're just wasting our time Logan sure sure anything better to do I actually have nothing better to do are you sure that I do better to do that mom and Kira none granddad woman you really don't speak to anyone I know it's a bit of a joke that you're lonely but wow you really are oh what's this for that is trade me oh my gosh kara Traci is your hero for the last time Traci is oh my goodness her name isn't actually bull she has a name wha lying to me my whole life the guys have been scrolling for his messages for ages and they still haven't found anything and I'm sorry feel really really guilty maybe he isn't cheating on me after I found anything yeah maybe I shoulda spoke to him like either we should trust each other he would've just told me what's going on in files and I feel really bad maybe I should just give up hey yo give me your number no problem she's a friend guys it was great meeting you last night yeah it was so much fun oh my gosh trust me Akira it was nothing we were just hanging it out yeah well pretty big enjoy it she said I really want to do it again sometime can you set me to question camera I promise you you don't need to know it was richly laughing she said you really good for your first time and you said well I had a pro with me Morgan is better don't we want to think it is I wasn't great deal and she got in she's been both climbing now B years I just wanted to let it use ball oh my goodness what do you think of the last time you're not gonna find anything so Morgan asked her will you opt you right now with a kiss I gave you way too far oh my goodness I just said a little kids it's a friendly thing what the hell's wrong with our and she said nothing much taking pics at Instagram my fence Papa fun and then walking fed ooh that's me oh my goodness Cara I just wanted to see the photography skills yeah yeah she said if I was a photographer I was interested in photography and I wanted to see the picture taken Morgan I don't think it was the photography you want to see your picture well the hell she's on the beach in a bikini oh gosh guys anyway Brittany asked and what are you up to right now and said I'm just in my gym right now Morgan are you being serious you have a neutral gym oh yeah even I've used it with you but you serious you like to impress her no then Brittany are you work out and he said yeah seven days a week seven days a week you kidding me what zero days again then Brittany said you must be quite muscular than I Morgan said yeah I often get compared to the wrong look are you kidding me and then Brittany said prove it picture wait a sec this isn't you this doesn't look anything like you look at this guy biceps Google no that's me it's just all good white – okay then you won't mind showing everyone it's pathetic it's me I'm just a bit bloated today okay love it okay fine baby I just wanted to impress him a little bit I'm a little bit sure we get the movement I'll put my winter lay still it's just a little white lie I don't see anyone there Brittany said so what do you do for fun I'm Logan says I make videos on YouTube you may have heard of me I'm kind of a big deal ill 9 million subscribers most obscure 17 road in the world I made million dollars oh my god would you wish you clearly want to impress me by Kara I think you should just stop being in the mouth just go off for way too long no I want to keep reading we need to get to the bottom of this Brittany said well you just got yourself a new subscriber thank you don't forget to cut a morgue so close well be nice low even for you what can I say guys there's never a long time to pull the merge you can get merged right now that Britney said anyway are you busy tonight I'd only techno final three and then she said it maybe we should see each other again tonight Oh was that tonight I I didn't realize I just got a little bit confused yeah and she said yeah Brittany said I know you live through a girlfriend I wanted Tara no she's not here enough about you yeah I'm sorry just put the phone down you don't need anything else learn walking you're not getting away with it I wanna expose all of them really said do you think she would be mad if we hung out yes ready I won't be mad me maybe but just a friend I promise there's nothing going on between OHS oh yeah just friends Morgan who that how do I prove it so let's come over are you jokin the court optical order even though reason if you come on sure you want to do this okay I guess I've got no other choice hey can you come over hey okay okay send send Oh God she just text me back what'd she say I don't think you want to see I want to see I'll show you yeah or my way Jim Morgan once I'm finished with her I'm gonna finish with you – you don't beat cheetah hello hey you're at the front door okay okay I'll come and let you in now okay bye see you soon okay guys I think I see someone outside I'm mostly Britney and by looks of it she's on the heavier side as soon as that Lamantia stepped foot in his house shall be my poverty and she wasn't in her everything Oh Moulton is just like Brittany because Britain isn't real they would fake messages is justified yeah that means I can say things out now

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