100 thoughts on “I got the Apple Card!

  1. Do people actually think a 20k credit limit is a big deal? It isnt. Just be a good boy and pay your bills. Be a good credit player and everyone will want to give you credit. Your credit score is good for nothing but telling the world how good you are at staying in debt. Seriously dont use your credit to stay in the rat race. Get out.

  2. What an idiot 13%-24%apr
    Lol looser teach people how to get out of debt not get into debt no wonder 70-80% of people in USA retire broke and in debt poor losers

  3. she’s questions of it gets scratched by inserting it, then drops it. Hmmm

    just bought a lambo, hope it doesn’t get in an accident, drives into a light pole.

  4. I understand wanting to enrich the apple ecosystem with things that work seamlessly. But when does it start to feel gimmicky

  5. It would be nice if Apple would offer a fourth-quarter promotion using the Apple card. 5% for using all Apple Pay transactions and 2% for using the physical card.

  6. Hey bro i got approved for 200k credit limit

    Sike. I only got a part time job in which i get 14,560$ a year. I got decline idk why 😥😥😥😥😥 if is because of my credit score. Or idk.

  7. I’m often thinking back to the years like 2007-2008. When YouTube was mainly used for music, or when beebo was around just about the time MySpace was dying down. Same time when Apple released their first iPod touch. A huuuuge step from MP3’s. It was a time when auto tune was becoming mainstream. Duuuude those were the moments building up to a technological breakthrough for the public use. After that, we’d all be using touch screen phones, watching the most random yet hilarious videos on our YouTube app. We got Netflix
    On our damn phones, and just recently you’re able to play with pc and console players on Fortnite. Times have changed, blows my mind

  8. 2:05 YOU HAVE A LAST NAME! I NEVER KNEW. OH MY. TELL US MORE SECRETS. I thought your legal name was Ijustine (I justine) or Ijustine Jobs

  9. I am watching an Apple credit card unbox video on my IPhone6s+ using xfinity wi-fi while I’m sitting on the toilet taking a #2 for about 1 hour while my cat is waiting for me to finish so I can feed him soon.

  10. So if I'm humiliated and loose face, no iPhone access, and no apple card payment? I might have to stick with the cash I keep in my pillows and under my bed.