How to Use the ChargePoint App

Hi, I’m Aaron from ChargePoint and I’m
going to show you how easy it is to use the ChargePoint app. Once you’ve downloaded the app for Android
or iPhone, make sure you create an account to take advantage of all of the great features. One of my favorite features is Tap to Charge. With Tap to Charge, I can tap my phone on
a station to start charging, so I don’t need to carry an RFID card on my keychain. To start a charge, I just tap my phone on
a ChargePoint station and then plug in. The main reason people download the ChargePoint
app is to find places to charge. All you have to do is open the app and you’ll see all of the stations nearby. We show charging stations from ChargePoint
and all other major networks. Each pin represents a place to charge. The green pins mean that the station is available
and ready for you to charge and the blue pin means that somebody else is using the station
and it’s not currently available. The gray pins means the status info is not available at this time. Click one of the pins to find more information
about that station. You can see photos of the station to help
you find it in the parking lot. And can also see if the station is available. Here you can see, that one of the connectors is
in use, but the other is available, so you can go there and charge. To start charging just click the ‘Start
Charge’ button, or tap your phone on the station liked I showed you earlier. You can see if there’s a fee to charge at
that station and if so, how much it costs. You can also see tips other drivers have left
about the station at the very bottom. If I want to check the charging status of
my car, I just click here and to see everything I need to know. Here I can see how long I’ve been charging
and about how many miles have been added. But I don’t have to stay on to my phone all
day. If I turn on notifications (in menu>Account
>Notifications), ChargePoint will send me an update when my car is done charging. You can also track your entire charging history. I have ChargePoint Home at my house, so I’m
able to see all of my charging at home and around town. There’s a whole lot more you can do with
the ChargePoint app, but you’ll just have to download it to check it out.

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