How to Use iTunes : Tips for iTunes Users

DREW NOAH: Okay, so that’s it. That’s pretty
much all the iTunes basics and I hope you get an idea for all the cool stuffs you can
do with iTunes. It’s not just about the iTunes Store, it’s about organizing your music and
having it all in one place and then making these playlists and just having those and
it’s also–it’s essential if you want an iPod as well. So, a few things that I didn’t really
didn’t cover that are here, one thing is a ‘Party Shuffle’ which I can set a source as
any of my playlist or all music. What it does is–it’s like random but not quite. Let me
see, I’ll change it to 20 songs. So, you can see it’s picking randomly 20 songs from my
library and putting them in a shuffle kind of mode but what I can do is I can go through
and select ones that I don’t like and then just–I just hit the delete key to remove
them and it added three more. So, I can basically set up kind of a tailored random and there’s
a couple of options down here; Display the most recently played songs and this many upcoming
and you can refresh the whole thing just by hitting Refresh. Another thing I didn’t cover
is the visualizer. So, if I play a song and then I can go to view, turn on visualizer
and you get this cool little thing that goes on and syncs with your music when it’s playing.
And if you like that, sure, go for it. If you have a slow computer, it might slow things
down though so keep that in mind. And that’s in view and I’ll just go ahead and turn that
off. And one other thing, if you ever need, ever have any other question there’s a great
help section in the help-‘iTunes Help’ so remember that. And just to reiterate some
of the things that I think are really cool about iTunes is the free podcasts in the store
and also the iTunes U, the free lectures from universities. There’s some just great free
stuff that comes with iTunes you might not think about besides just organizing the music
and anything like that. So, that is iTunes in a nutshell and all the stuff that you can
do with it. I hope you find these tips helpful and are able to use iTunes to its fullest
ability now so thank you.

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