How to Use iTunes : Search Options in iTunes Store

DREW NOAH: So, pretty much, I covered the
entire iTunes store, just a couple more things I wanted to mention. Some places I didn’t
go into is iPod games, just pretty self-explanatory, these are games you can download for your
iPod and we’ll just click on one, see that’s $4.99. You can preview it. So, if you like
games on your iPod, that’s something you can do. Another section that I didn’t cover is
the iTunes Latino and this is just a Latin Music section. It’s in Spanish for the most
part. But one last thing–and I mentioned this before but I never really showed you
how it worked is the search. And I mean, you can browse in this different section, movies,
TV shows, music videos. There’s one other place I didn’t mention, it’s music videos
actually. Very self-explanatory. You can browse in these places but probably if you know what
you’re looking for, just go ahead and search it. Don’t even worry about trying to find
it. So, even if you don’t know everything you’re looking for like, maybe I’m looking
for a TV show called “Veronica Mars”. So, when I search, I’m going to get results in
every category. So, you’ve got results from ‘Artists’, results from ‘Albums’, results
from ‘TV Seasons’ and that is actually what I’m looking for, results from ‘iTunes Essentials’,
results from ‘Movies’, ‘Audiobooks’ and ‘Podcasts’. So, you can see that even though–I didn’t
necessarily have to go to the TV show to find this real quickly, it’s just right there and
I can see maybe some other stuff I’m looking for like a soundtrack but this will take me
straight to the TV section and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. So, just be mindful
of that and using the search. If I go to the TV shows and then search, you can see it’s
going to come up the exact same way. So, that’s what I mean. It’s not even really necessary
to go somewhere and then search there. So, that is pretty much the iTunes Store and they’ve
got a lot of great things on there. One thing–in conclusion, I would say just to remember is
that except for iTunes Plus, everything you’re buying has DRM (Digital Rights Management)
on it which puts certain restrictions on it. And movies and TV shows are only available
in your iTunes and on your iPod after you buy them. But that in a nutshell is the iTunes

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