How to Use iTunes : How to Rent Movies With iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, one of the newest things in
the iTunes store right now is movie rentals so I’ll show you how that works. I get to
it by going to ‘Movies’ and they’re pretty much integrated together. You can see “Top
Rentals’ right here in this cover flow view and ‘Top Rentals’ over here on the right.
And what happens is you go to a movie, you can see if it’s available to rent, it will
say, ‘Rent Movie’ and if it’s available to rent or buy, it will say both ‘Rent Movie’
or ‘Buy’ and they give you the price. And the way rentals work are new releases are
going to be $3.99. This is a new release so $3.99 and movies from–older movies from their
library are going to be $2.99. There you see, $2.99. And just like other movies, you’ve
got some other things on here, ‘Related Movies’, more about these actors, ‘Plot Summary’, credits
and customer reviews and you can even view the trailer. So, it’s pretty much set up just
like the way that buying movies is set up. So, how renting a movie works is when you
rent it, you have 30 days to watch it and once you hit ‘Play’, you have 24 hours to
finish it or watch it as many times as you want and then after that, it’s going to be
automatically deleted. So, if you rent something, you can wait three weeks but then once you
hit ‘Play’, you have 24 hours to finish it. And you can also watch these rentals on your
computer and on your iPod just like if it were–if you had bought it but just remember,
it’s going to automatically delete it so that’s how you rent movies in the iTunes store.

45 thoughts on “How to Use iTunes : How to Rent Movies With iTunes

  1. so I rented a movie from itunes and I watched it download but after it was done it didnt show up on the computer or the ipod someone shud help me cus I dont want my money to go to waste!!!!

  2. The first time I had rented out a movie.I had accidentally push play.I only had 24 hours to watch it. 24 hours went fast. I recommend to just own to buy it.

  3. better to even rent the movie at blockbuster anr ripped the movie with better quality audio and video, or from the redbox website rent the movie reserve movies and go to your nearest redbox machine and pay just a dollar and 8 cents and then ripped the moviee if you want. 🙂

  4. i dont have movies in itunes store 🙁
    only music itunes u etc…
    i have the latest update
    anyone know what i can do to get movies ?

  5. @MsSuperGlamorous : i agree, however it is the difference between having an invisible jukebox, and hoarding records that you may not even listen to

  6. if you ask me buying movies off the internet if pointless because you can only watch it on your pc especially when its £10 thats a big bump imagine if it gets deleted and one thing for sure dont buy off itunes because we all know you cant play music which was bought from istore on any other format apart from itunes so imagine movies its a big rip off

  7. I found that if I transferred a rented movie to my ipod, I couldn't move it back to itunes to watch it on the computer. Watching on a tiny screen isn't as much fun, so I'll probably not transfer them to ipod anymore.

  8. yesterday (Friday, June 17 2011) i rented a movie on my ipod from the itunes store when i connected my ipod the next day to my comp. i saw it wasnt on my ipod section. could u tell me whats up with it?

  9. @shayyuo try using a pc or mac with iTunes and go to iTunes store and on the right side click on purchased and you can download them that way and manually put them on your iPod.

  10. @gene2u it's not as complicated now. throught iCloud, it attomatically transfers movies,music, and more to your ipod and you can also keep it on iTunes, it shouldn't go away unless it's been over 24 hours(if u rented it).

  11. @101Ragghianti Thanks for the tip. I've registered for iCloud, but I still haven't figured out how it works. I'll get to it some day, when I need it.

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  14. i rented a movie, now how do i watch it? i paid for it, i don't know how to watch it or where to find it, if any one know's please help, thank you

  15. where do you find where to play?  I see movies that I have purchased – but not rented – where to play?

  16. That's the WORST HOW TO video I ever seen ! How the hell you get that many subscribers is beyond me ! NO EXPLANATION on actually HOW TO PLAY THE F**** MOVIE !  PRAT !

  17. It took me hours to find out Itunes pushed them to another ap on my ipad? Apple products are hard to use,why do people love them?

  18. I need to buy a movie from the French iTunes and it says I need to switch STORES to do it. do I have to have an account on a French bank??? wtf help anyone ??

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