How to Use iTunes : How to Download Movies Using iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, now, I’ll show you how you
can download movies from the iTunes Store. So, just from this little link–all these
links right here, I’m just going to click on ‘Movies’ and you see it’s a little bit
different style. They put it in black. So, this is the iTunes movies section. You can
see down here you got some top movies, top rentals but I’ll talk about rentals in a different
clip. Some comedy, ‘Staff Favorites’ and then you can sort it by categories as well and
it’s got three pages. Now, probably the easiest way to find what you’re looking for is just
search it, if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you can just browse
around. So, let me show you a movie. “Ghost World” here. You got some movie notes on the
side. You can read the description. You have the option to view a trailer which is really
nice and you got ‘Customer Reviews’ and ‘Credits’ and ‘Plot Summary’ over here. This movie is
$9.99. I believe new movies are going to be a little bit more expensive. Let’s see. This
is–yeah. New movies like this “Pirates of the Caribbean” is $15.00; $14.99. So, to buy
a movie, you would just simply click ‘Buy Movie’ and you can see it’s asking me “Are
you sure you wan to buy this?” And I don’t want to buy this right now so I’m going to
hit ‘Cancel’. If you wanted to just turn this warning box off, you could uncheck this but
I would leave–I would leave it so you get this warning message because you don’t want
to accidentally click on something maybe you don’t really want and then have $15.00 charged
to your credit card ’cause that’s what’s happening and if you remember, we signed up with a credit
card. This is just getting charged right to it. So, I mean, that’s basically it; how you
download movies and when you do download a movie, it’s going to show up in your movie
section right here. I don’t actually have any right now. So, one thing I think about
before downloading movies from the iTunes store is that it’s going to be only available
on your computer and on your iPod. You cannot burn movies you buy from the iTunes store
onto a DVD so you could play it in a DVD player. It’s only going to be available from iTunes
and then from iTunes, you can put it on your iPod and I guess if you had someway to hook
up your computer to your TV, that’s a way you could get it on your TV but other than
that, it’s going to be only in your iTunes. So, that’s something to think about before
you buy–you start buying things but that’s basically how you buy movies in the iTunes
store. So, I mentioned that when you buy a movie or a TV show that it’s locked to your
computer and I just realized that that’s not quite true if you buy an Apple TV which is
this product right here. So, keep that in mind. If you’re buying from the iTunes store
and you don’t have Apple TV, you’ll only be able to look at it in your iTunes and on your
iPod. To view it on your TV, you would need to buy the Apple TV.

31 thoughts on “How to Use iTunes : How to Download Movies Using iTunes

  1. hey i went and bought a movie but while it was down loading it said that it had some corupted files wat am i supposed to do i tryed weat they told me to do but it dosent work help me please

  2. @mrzachj2 when you ipod/iphone is connected click on your ipod then go onto movies in your ipod and you need to tick the movies you want on your ipod/iphone

  3. @XenonHawk only in te usa hmmm but my friend donwloaded wallie and we live in belgiume.
    But i cant find the film section so maybe your right

  4. i have got the biggest pain in the arse ever, i downloaded a few vids and in info under description i only get some of it then it cuts off, i cant copy and paste off itunes, cause..well u just cant, any idea to get the movie sumamry/description?


  5. I wanna buy Red Dawn (1984) and I look through the iTunes store and it's not there, and I go to movies and it only gives me the soundtrack to the movie! 🙁 Help

  6. In the past I always downloaded movies & music illegally. So one day I had to stop.
    But now I'm looking for a genuine website where I can buy a movie and download instantly and there is not a single one. Not a single website. They only websites available are either for the US alone or fake websites. This pisses me off so much. These idiots will complain about copywrited material and they can't provide you a service to PAY AND DOWNLOAD A MOVIE INSTANTLY. I dont want to order any DVDs.

  7. please answer me if i buy a movies on my itunes on my laptop and after it i did og in my itunes on apple tv will i still be able to watch the for free because i already bought them on this account

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