How to Use iTunes : How to Create Smart Playlists in iTunes

DREW NOAH: So, I showed you how to create
regular playlists and folders and that’s pretty straight forward, not that complicated. Now,
I’m going to show you how to make a smart playlist which is maybe even if you already
use iTunes, it’s something maybe you haven’t thought about making yourself because it’s
a little bit complicated but not really. And basically, what it is, is you set some parameters
for a playlist and throughout, it will automatically add any songs that fit those parameters and
whenever you add new music that fits the parameters, either by importing, buying from the iTunes
store, it will be added to that playlist. So, let me just show you how it works. You
go to ‘File’, ‘New Smart Playlist’ and you get an old pop-up box. So, you just get to
set up some rules and then the playlist will be populated by songs that fit those rules.
So, you see that the rules that we can set, these are all the things that you see in iTunes.
You see name, time, artists; these are all the possible things that you can see. Just
for an example, I’ll pick the ‘Name’ which is the song name and then you pick the parameter
which is contains, does not contain, is, is not, starts with, ends with. So, it contains
all type of words, in any song name that has that word, anywhere in the name will be there
and the opposite for does not contain is–means, it is exactly that. So, if I type two words,
it will be exactly those two words. Is not, just the opposite and then starts and ends
with, pretty self-explanatory. But contains is probably the easiest one to demonstrate.
Let’s just see–make a smart playlist of every song that contains the word “love”. And then
your other options are to limit it to a certain amount items and when you do limit it, you
select by random or you select by these parameters, Match only checked items and Live updating;
this is when if I import a new CD that match these parameters, it would be added automatically.
So, probably, you want to keep that checked because that’s the coolest thing about smart
playlist, it’s the way they will automatically be updated. So, that’s kinda cool. You see
all these songs I have songs that have the word “love” on the title. But more practical
smart playlists, this, the recently added is one that automatically comes with–when
you start iTunes. And that’s pretty handy especially when you have a big library to
just see what you’ve put in recently. And what I’ve done, I have these folders for genres
and what I’ve done is I’ve created playlists–that’s how you edit a smart playlist right there
if you just want to right click, ‘Edit Smart Playlist’. So, I got these regular playlists
that are genre so every time I import a new CD, I’ll just drag them into that, into this
genre. And then I created this recent Indie playlist that’s going to take anything in
that playlist. The playlist is iPod Indie and then I created another rule by clicking
on the + button and the ‘Date Added’ is in the last two weeks. So, that way I can see
anything that I’ve added to my genre playlist that is new in the last two weeks or in my
smart playlist. So, that just gives you an idea of what you can do with a smart playlist.
And I’m just going to go back in and show you a couple more things. Remember to create
a new rule or multiple rules, you just click this + button, you can subtract or take one
off. And the more rules you create, the more narrow scope your playlist can be if that
makes sense. ‘Cause you have two parameters that a song has to meet just to be in your
playlist. So, that is you smart playlist.

14 thoughts on “How to Use iTunes : How to Create Smart Playlists in iTunes

  1. Thank you for taking time to make this video. Something so simple had me stumped until I watched this. Thanks.

  2. I've scoured the net for an answer to this problem but can't figure it out. When I click on smart playlist there is no option for a podcast. I get Playlist and Purchased but no Podcast option. Any idea what is going on?

  3. Quick question. Now how do you put the audio files from your playlist in to your ipod in order? I put all the files in order into the playlist, and then when I put them on my ipod they go in alphabetical order and not the order that I have them set in the playlist. I am trying to put an audio course on my ipod in order from disc 1 to disc 10 in the exact same order but don't know how. Thanks

  4. @MarilynMansonMan01 you just tell iTunes what your requirements are. it can be whatever you want really. songs by certain artists, albums, rating, etc

  5. some idiot made itunes software becouse notice how there every confusing thing exept all weres the all button? theres no all

  6. when I create a smart playlist and I say it should contain songs that have been played for more than 10 times, it looks at the amount of times I have listened to that song on my computer (itunes), instead I want it to choose the songs that I have played for more than 10 times on my iPhone. 

    How can I get those songs that are played more than 10 times on my iPhone in that list? Or will it get updated once I play songs more than 10 times on my iPhone?

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