How to Use Google Play Developer Console

Hi, this is A Minute of Overpass, my name
is Eric and I make apps. Now this week I want to give you a quick tour of the Google Play
Developer Console. So last week, almost like on the spur of the
moment, I decided I would make my topic about like a quick tour of iTunes Connect. So I
went through everything that I know about iTunes Connect, where to set things up, the
different things that I’ve used, the type of effects that we had and it turned out to
be like 25 minutes long. So much for like A Minute of Overpass. It hasn’t been a minute
since like the first few weeks have been doing this however, hopefully, it was useful. So
I thought what I would do this time is like do the companion to it, which is Google Play.
So go through the whole Google Play Developer Console, because it’s, you know there’s so
much involved there too and if you’re a developer, you need to learn how to use it. You may be
so involved in the actual development that you don’t think about actually optimizing
for Google Play and things like that. And if you’re somebody who’s hired a developer,
maybe you’ve hired Overpass, maybe you’re a client of ours, and I’ll just send this
to you sometime in the future, then it’s important to know what everything does there too. And
I’m gonna try to keep it less than 25 minutes obviously, because who wants to watch all
that. Okay, so now you should be able to see my screen right now, this is my Google Play
console. Here you can see, we’ve got three pages of apps, I’ve got a few hundred apps
here, been doing it for quite a long time. This isn’t and this is, i’m filtering out
all the unpublished apps and all the draft apps so, you know, this is quite a lot but
you know, it’s been like three years so a lot of production. So I’ll just go to the interface here first.
Up in the upper right-hand corner you’ll see the the name of the app developer name. Now
this is something I’ve tried a few months ago, so it always said Overpass Apps however,
this is what people are going to see when they download an app or when they go to your
app. So if people come in to see Ear Spy they’ll see Overpass Apps. So what I did was, I saw
somebody else had done this and I thought I’d give it a try, I changed it to Overpass
Apps and I gave a subtitle, Super-Human Apps and Games, so it’s more to increase, Overpass
apps, you know, it’s not the most interesting name, so if you throw something else in there,
it helps. Now, our downloads have gone up and I don’t know if that’s the reason why,
but ideally, what we want to do on the Google Play page is kind of pique the interest as
to what other kind of stuff that we do. So like I was showing you last week with iTunes
Connect where they just recently allowed multiple accounts, Google Play does that too. I’m going
to open this but i’m gonna gray everything else out, but so I can switch between clients
here and just go straight into somebody else’s account. So that’s actually, it actually works
really well. So where it used to be with iTunes, you used to have to like everybody’s email
and password and everything like that, it’s much easier now to just be able to say go
into the admin console add me as a developer. Okay, so this is All Applications, this is
where most everything is over here on the left, but I’ll go through these other stuff
here. Now Game Services is if you’re going to use
Google Play game services. So we’ve done that for quite a few games here. See, we don’t
have a lot of players, but if you’re gonna set up leaderboards and and rewards and everything
like that, you would set all those up there and it’s so, you know, it’s kinda nice but
it really is not the best. My personal opinion is that I want the players, ’cause when I’m
gonna release game in both iTunes and/or to iPhone and Android, I kind of want to have
a leaderboard that spans both of them, and you know what we’ve done in the past is we
use Google or iTunes Center and Google Play Game Services.
Reports are, you know, all the crashes and ANR reports, everything like that. I don’t
really spend a lot of time here. Settings I spend a lot of time at. So you know you
set up all your app details. Now when you set up your app detail or your developer details,
you have to be careful for what’s public. So like you some people I know, some of my
clients have put their home address in here and then they immediately see that it’s on
the Google Play page so they remove it. You know the phone number all that kind of stuff,
some of it Is public, some of its private, so you just kind of have to make sure. User accounts and rights, so like I said before,
when we have a client, we get them to add Overpass to it. So we just say, grant us developer
accounts, let me just go into that. Works very much the same way that iTunes does now.
So you go through and you can set what kind of permissions you want somebody to have.
So you know, I might want to get somebody access, one of the developers access to upload
a draft but I don’t want them to be able to change the description, or I might, you know,
I don’t want them to see finances and things like that. So that works really well. Or if
we have like a partnership with somebody, we do that. Activity Log, you know, what’s been uploaded
and when. I think it’s something I spent a lot of time in. You know, how often do you
wanna get email alerts, API access, linked accounts all that kind of stuff. Developer
Page, this goes with me changing the name from Overpass Apps to Overpass Apps: Super-Human
Apps and Games. You could set up a Google Play, like a developer page. So let me just
show you here, if open up, and I type in, the easiest search in the world
like how they recommend you do it, just type in spy and you should see Ear Spy at the top.
So here you can see how it all looks. The Overpass Apps: Super-Human Apps and Games,
so it’s much more interesting. I scroll down and at the bottom here I see this, basically
the developer page, I see other apps from Overpass Apps and I could actually go into
this and it’s almost like a mini site within Google Play. So again, ideally, when somebody
find your app, you want them to find other things that you’ve done too, so it all kind
of helps. Everybody, like almost everybody for our apps comes in through one or two routes,
they’re either a language learner or there’s somebody who’s downloading Ear Spy and what
I want to do is kind of introduce the other apps to those people too. So that’s something
that’s fairly recent that they’ve added. Alerts and Announcements are just the kind of things
when Google Play send you an email, they’ll say like, you know, you’ve included the key
store file within the app finery and stuff like that. So let me go back to All Applications. So
here you could see All applications, Add a new application, you’ve done all before, you
could have number of pages. It would be nice if you could, you know, extend the number
of pages because it is very slow to load this page when you get a lot. You get the columns
here, the price that your’e charging, the total number of, the current installs and
the total installs. So let me just show you what’s a bit more impressive here, here we
go, Ear Spy where we’ve had 208,505 people have it right now, but so far 2,669,616 have
downloaded it. You see here the, we have the Ratings and Reviews so you have the average
rating and then the number of people who left a review. So the more people who leave a review,
the better. You want as many people who leave a review as possible, even if it’s a bad review.
I mean, you just want people to do that. So here you can see the average is 3.57. It’s
so consistent, it was at 3.5-6 for months. But you will get, you will probably get about
twenty or thirty a day. The number of crashes, which you know, you’re gonna get some. If
you have like a lot of downloads, you’re gonna get some crashes. I mean, there’s just so
many different types of Android apps. The last update, so we updated a new version almost
a month ago. The status, which is published or draft or not published. And over here we
have a security alert because I’m including an SDK for an ad network that seems to be
having some trouble with some SSL certificate, so I need to change that. So if I go into one of these apps here, so
I go into Ear Spy as it’s the biggest one we have, now in here you can you go through
and on the left you have the sub menu. So you have the Statistics, which is, you look
at every day, so let’s just start there. So Statistics are so much more advanced than
iTunes is. So you could go through and see that the total number of current install,
current devices installed, so here like I said earlier, there’s 208,505. Down here I
can see it broken down by device, by tablet, how many are tablets, by country. This is
really important, really interesting, because I can see that, United States is the biggest,
Mexico is the second biggest as we translated into Spanish a few years ago, Brazil the third
biggest since we translated it into Portuguese and it’s also in the top 10 for medical in
all of these countries. And that’s it. But however, I don’t usually look at this. Usually
when I go into this page , maybe I have all these other statistics here, daily installs
by device, current installs by user, all these kind of stuff, active users, however, I always
go to the second one here, I always go to daily installs by device ’cause this is the
most interesting statistic for me. This is on a day-to-day basis I know if it’s being
found. So here you could, let me just go back a little bit more, let’s do six months, so
you can see here on a daily basis 3,000, about between three and four thousand people downloaded
it. For a while it was above four thousand like, every day, and now, it’s between three
and a half and four and a half. So like, let me just go back to this last month, you can
see like yesterday or two days ago, we had 3,767, 3,869, so it’s very very consistent.
Now if I show you some of the other apps that we have it’s much lower than that. So that’s
Statistics. I spend a lot of time at Statistics. I’m sure if you’re an app developer, you look
at that every day too. And that gets updated once a day, sometimes it, sometimes there’s
a little bit of a delay and it takes a few days. User Acquisition is something that I’ve shown
you before on this. This is where you can actually now go through and see how many people
have actually seen your app. The big challenge is first getting people to be able to find
it and second getting people to download it. So not knowing, for the longest time you could
see how many people have downloaded it, but you didn’t know how it was doing in the rankings
and all that kind of stuff or how many people were looking at it and saying “I’m not that
interested”. So here you can actually see that. You could see how many people visited
the store page. So this is in the last 15 days, it was ninety five thousand people looked
at it but only twenty six thousand people downloaded it and purchasers 11 and two of
them are repeat buyers, and this is for the in-app purchases. It’s really low for this
app. So this is something that’s really interesting but it’s the kind of thing you don’t need
to look at every day. AdWords Campaigns, now I have done a few AdWords campaigns and so
this is where it shows up rather than go through AdMob and set up a new ad. This kind of I
think it shows up at the top of the Google Play page but I’ve tried it for a few apps
and I haven’t really seen, I haven’t seen much difference, so not much help there.
Finance is how much money you’re making through the app, so you know, you can either check
here or you could check Google Wallet and run reports on that. Ratings and Reviews, probably next to Statistics,
and maybe even more than Statistics, the most important page that you have to look at on
a daily basis. So here you could see, you have the average rating, so it goes up and
down. This is, Ear Spy is an app that people either really really love it or they really
really hate it and there’s very few in between. So like here you can see, Google Play, just
within the last few months, introduced this new graphic here .So you could see like an
average of how many are five stars, how many are one stars, everything like that which
is kinda neat. Basically, here you can see all the reviews that come through on a daily
basis. So this is live so I don’t really know what i’m gonna find here, but it’s usually
pretty consistent. It’s like this is great, this is great, this is great, this sucks,
this sucks, this is great. So here you can see like it, Ear Spy Dostress. And it uses
Google Translate so if you have, like we do, we have lots of, we globalized the app so
we get lots of stuff from all over the world and Google Translate doesn’t really work that
well, but I mean it’s better than nothing. So here we go, good, it’s great to see the
conversations my neighbor, good, and then sucks, and then there’s a bit of improvement,
good. So one of the nice things about Google Play that iTunes does not allow is that you
can respond to reviews. So here I could say, you know, please make more spy things, I could
say to Susy Chan, I could say, “thanks Susy, glad you like it”, which I don’t really do
that because it’s kind of creepy but most of the time if somebody says something like
you know there’s a virus or something stupid then I have to respond to that, but that’s
kind of important. From what I’ve read, it helps your ASO if you do respond to reviews
and it helps Google know that you’re actually active as a developer and checking all that
kind of stuff. So that’s really helpful. The next one down is Crashes and ANRS. ANRs
stands for, I don’t know, I don’t know what it stands for but crashes are, we get a certain
amount of crashes each day. I mean we get thousands of downloads each day and it doesn’t
always work on all devices and you know it’s, in the beginning, I was trying to nail this
down, you know, every time we see a new crash, but after a while, it was just, just got too
much. So I mean, if we see like a huge number, like if it’s the 10% of all users, then we’ll
definitely look into that but yeah that’s something. And it’s useful ’cause you see
like what type of device it was and all that kind of stuff. Optimization Tips, next one down. This is
really interesting because this is Google telling you what it thinks you could do next
in order to optimize. So for Ear Spy, I’ve gone through and done pretty much everything
that they’ve said. We globalized it, we’ve had screenshots for every location, all that
kind of stuff but now it’s saying design for tablets, which we have, but it hasn’t. And
if you’re just getting started, they never show you like lots of things at once. Usually
they’ll show you a couple things and you make that change, and they show you a few more. Cloud Test Lab, this is something that’s new
and I think it’s still in the beta stage. I haven’t actually used it but what I think
it is is like it’s a lot like AppThwack and some of the other services where you can upload
your APK and run it on like lots of devices simultaneously and see if it crashes on any
of them. Okay so the second part here, so you see these,
there’s two divisions. The top division usually shows up after you’ve published, the bottom
half is when you’re setting things up. So the bottom half, we’ve got the APK tab. Now
APKs are the executables for Android, so when you upload a new build, it gets a version
number which you have to increase each time manually. So this is, for Ear Spy, version
number 24. Now you can do alpha and beta testing in Google Play. So I can say I want to release
a beta version and I want to make it available to certain amount of people. It’s a little
bit like Test Flight, I suppose. However, I’ve never used this. It relies on Google
Circles and getting people to use Google Circles, at least in my opinion, is it’s just too complicated.
I’d rather just be able to send a link to somebody and say you know here’s a link to
the app. So I just started using things like Test Fairy rather than just sending APKs,
but if you use it, if you use the beta and alpha testing of Google Play, please let me
know ’cause I’d like to know how that actually works out for you. The next one down is the Store Listing. Now
the Store Listing is the Google Play page so it’s the, all important things. So here
you can see the title, which you only get 30 characters, unlike iTunes where you could
say, you know, Ear Spy: the Super Fantastic Wonderful, whatever, here you can just say
Ear Spy: Super Hearing. A lot of times, I spent so much time trying to squeeze in like
a few keywords into those thirty 30 spaces. Over here you’ve got the short description
which shows up in the app page, just below the description. I don’t think it shows up
on the website but it does show up on the app itself and this is another place where
you wanna get good keywords into. Next, you’ve got the full description and you get like
4000 characters here. I’ve tried various things with the description. I try to go through
and make sure I fill in, like here you can see I’ve actually filled in all four thousand
characters for this one. I haven’t left anything undone but I have seen other apps that are
like top of their category that have just 200 characters. But for me I’ve always been
just adding new things in there. Now up here you can see Languages. Now I have gone through
enough, I’ve done A Minute of Overpass about this before, about localizing, but I’ve actually
gone through and hired translators in all these different languages to translate. So
here you see we got the Arabic version of the store listings so you know everything’s
in Arabic. We’ve got you know Simplified Chinese, we’ve got traditional Chinese. Portuguese
was the biggest one, like if, I never would have thought of. Portuguese means that we’re
huge in Brazil. And down here you have the screenshots. Now when you change the language
here, you also change the screenshot so on some apps we’ll do the description in lots
of different languages and that really helped with keywords. When we first translated Ear
Spy into Portuguese and stuff like that, it was, we saw an immediate bump. Even before
we released the APK, we could see the ranking just go up and up because people were searching
on you know spy tools and stuff in Portuguese and all the other languages that we were doing.
However one thing we could, eventually and this we didn’t do it immediately, but later
on we went through and actually changed all these screenshots into the different languages
too. So that was part of the translation task. Here you do it for tablets as well. Now unlike
iTunes, you can just do any size on these, it’ll stretch them. Like here you can see,
I didn’t even, talk about poor effort here, this isn’t even a square screen. This is still
the phone size screen, but I just used the same one to upload it onto all of these. Android TV and Android Wear, you can upload
for those too but we haven’t used those yet. And then you also have your high resolution
icon, let me just go back to English here so I can show you. You have your high-resolution
icon which is 512 by 512, unlike the iTunes 1024. You have the feature graphic. Now the
feature graphic used to be prominently displayed at the top of the page and now it’s kind of
relegated to right behind the video or one of the top ones on Google Play. So it’s at
the top on the app but it doesn’t seem to show up on the page. Like if I show you the
page here, if I go back to Ear Spy, you can see it doesn’t actually show up anywhere.
And then you have the promo graphic which is, I’ve always included it. I don’t think
it’s ever been promoted however, it’s there. And you have the TV banner but I’ve never
done anything for TV. Now promo video, this is, you can add any YouTube video as a promo
video and this is very helpful. It doesn’t take long to set up a YouTube video and it’s
much easier to show somebody how something works than it is to you know just explain
it in the description so I’m a big believer in that. Most of the time we try to do a promo
video when we can. Categorization, so iTunes you can have two categories, Google Play you
only have one. You have your first one here which is application or games. This is an
application and then you have your category. Now unlike iTunes, you can change any of this
at anytime, you don’t have to upload a new build every time. So it doesn’t go through
a review process. You can just go through and say if your app is not performing well
in one category, try another one for a few days. See if there’s any kind of bump. What
you want to do is maybe somebody will be searching a certain category, browsing and then they’ll
find it or maybe it’ll just start performing better in another one. This one, Ear Spy we
started off in Communication because it was kind of a strange app, I wasn’t sure where
to put it. And later, because a lot of people use it as a hearing aid, I moved it to medical
and it’s like one of the top, it’s in the top medical apps like in all these different
countries which is kinda yeah, I think was number nine, like a few weeks ago it was number
nine medical app in the US, which made me feel bad for number 10 , but you know. Content rating, this is high maturity, low
maturity, whatever, like if you have like a violent game, you want to do that. Now they’ve
really gotten strict on the new content rating. Actually, this is months ago, so you have
to go through and fill in the questionnaire so they can give it a like a ESRB rating and
all this kind of stuff. So you just have to answer a bunch of questions like, you know
does it use violence, all those kind of stuff. The website, yeah if you have a website, use
it. And email address, don’t ever use your personal email address because it shows up
on the app page. A phone number, again we have a business phone number. And a privacy
policy. Now you don’t have to submit a privacy policy. My entire strategy towards Google
Play is if they want something, I’m gonna try as hard as I can to give it to them. So
it doesn’t take much to set up a privacy policy on your website. If you have like a WordPress
site or whatever, just go through and set something up and put that there. So that’s
it for the Store Listing. I mean it’s, it really is important in terms of getting people
in. Experiment is something that I talked about
before. You can find the other video on that, I won’t go into it too much but basically
you run like an A/B testing to see which descriptions work better, which feature graphics work better,
which icons work better. But in order to use this, you have to have people actually coming
into your app to begin with. The content rating, this is the one, it was down at the other
page. This is the ESRB rating It has it’s own tab even though it’s at the bottom there. Pricing and Distribution. Now unlike iTunes,
which you have bands so you can say tier A, tier B or tier 1, tier 2 and all this kind
of stuff, in Google Play you can change it to anything you want. So this one’s actually
a free one. I could select which countries it goes to. I don’t see any reason not to
make it available to all countries. And all the way down the bottom here, and then at
the bottom, you actually there’s this new thing here where you have to say whether or
not you serve ads. That I haven’t actually filled in yet but I think it’s going to be,
like in the next few weeks or months, it’s gonna become a requirement. So I’m gonna have
to go into all these apps and say whether or not they have ads.
Android wear, I haven’t done that yet but it’s kind of, it’s in the works. Android TV,
we’re not supporting that. Designed for families, that something that I’ve never used but you
know, if you have a kids app, you might want to consider that. Google Play for work, I’ve
never used. Google Play for education, I’ve uses quite a lot. So basically what you do
is you just select that, you have to put in an email address and it goes through an approval
process and it takes like weeks or months. I mean, it’s like they come back and say “hey
you been approved for Google Play for education” and I completely forgot that I’ve even entered
the app in for that, so it’s kind of cool thing there. We got restrict distribution
where you could make it, only people available to your network. I never use it, never see
any reason why. Andd marketing opt out all this kind of stuff. You have to go through
and you have to take these two Content Guidelines and US Export Laws as those are requirements. In app products, if you’re going to have in
app purchases, you have to set them up here. So we have a few here. We’ve got Extended
Equalizer, Widget, and basically you go through and you set up like a unique key there and
within the app, you go through an unlock that, if they made the purchase. So here’s where
you can set all the prices and everything individually for those. And finally we have services in APIs. So here
you’ve got your Licensing & In-app Billing. Your Google Cloud Messaging, so if you’re
gonna set up push notifications you set it up there. Your license key, so it prevents
it from being copied. I’ll gray this out, I don’t know if anybody can actually do anything
with that. Google Play Game Services, again if you’re gonna set up leaderboard, you have
to do stuff there. Translation service, I’ve never used it. Just go on UpWork or ELance,
what used to be ELance, and you know, get people to do it, $5 each you can get every
language done. And app indexing from Google search. I’ve never used that but that’s it.
So that’s a quick, whirlwind, again I hope it’s not twenty five minutes but I’ll check
in a minute. That’s a really quick tour of the Google Play console. I spent a lot of
time in here and the nice thing about Google Play, unlike iTunes where every time you tweak
something you have to upload a new build and wait for two weeks, Google Play you could
do it immediately. In order to see statistics, you have to wait at least a couple of days
until you get some new downloads in but you know, it’s you know, it’s so much nicer just
to be able to go through and say I want to change this description. To give you an idea,
we have some of these language flash quiz games, so here Arabic flash quiz, the app
is actually called Arabic flash quiz, but I changed the name to Arabic language flash
quiz just to see if it increases in the ratings and rankings for Arabic language, which it
did. So that was a big, that was a big help for that. And other apps, I’ve done that too.
Some of them are in various states of, you know, I might change some things, Here I go
Chemistry Alie Periodic Table, Chemistry Flash Quiz Exercise Flash quiz game, just trying
different types of keywords inside there. So that’s it. Hopefully that’s been useful.
Unlike iTunes I, you know, I think well Google Play is kind of a thing we just go through
and just tweak things over and over and over again. I mean everybody complains that they
don’t get downloads on Google Play, but you really have to play around with it and you
can do so much without uploading a new build, without changing anything in your application,
just go through and have fun with this and trying a new language, try new keywords, try
to get new people in. Now Google is a search company, unlike iTunes, so you know it’s not
just about keywords, it’s also about back links, and having relevance to them within
the App Store. I mean, one thing Google is good at is telling whether or not your web
page is relevant to the search. They’re also good at telling whether or not your app is
relevant to the search. So it’s not so easy to game it so you have to kind of go through
and try to get lots of links in, try to get a lot of downloads, definitely try to get
people to review it and stuff like that. So that’s it for this week. I hope this has been
helpful. Now we just released a new app, just to tell
you really quickly, called Chinese spy. It’s available on Google Play. Now, this is kind
of based on my own experience learning Chinese when I was 19 years old in the Army and they
came forward and said Wroolie you’re going to learn Chinese and I thought there’s no
way I can learn Chinese. And this is what I was trying with this app. So a lot of people
think that they’re for people who are studying those languages already, no, we’re trying
to throw you into the deep end, which is, if the fate of the world depended on it could
you learn some Chinese? So please check out Chinese Spy, it’s on the Google Play Store
now, it’ll be available on iTunes within the next two weeks and I’ll talk to you next week.
Goodbye. Hey, I really hope you liked that video. Now
I do this once a week, so if you wanna hear more or you wanna hear more about our experiences
with the app store, either Google Play or iTunes, please go ahead and subscribe to the
channel and please like this video and leave a comment. I love reading the comments, I
love hearing what you have to say, even if it’s just hello or whatever. And like I say
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a comment, I’ll make it easier for you. Like if you liked it, just go ahead and say “Gnarley”,
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I’d really appreciate it, if you’re on the app store and you wanna try one of our apps,
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build up in the market so that would be a big help. So that’s it, I’ll talk to you next

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  4. please tell me where is Finance Tag in the Google Developer console , i uploaded my first game but i couldn't find the Finance Tag …. when it will appear and how please let me know here is my email [email protected] , thank you in advance ….

  5. Hello there, my app has a google alert on google play saying: Security alert
    Your app is using an unsafe implementation of the X509TrustManager interface with an Apache HTTP client, resulting in a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.

    Affects APK version 1.
    Go to APK page
    The deadline is in May.
    OMG….how do i fix this issue??

  6. Thxs Bro sharing the information .. Pay Per Click Social Media Marketing is good for mobile apps promotion ..

  7. Hey I was wondering if you know how to assign the keywords for my app, I've published some apps that are specific for a conservation organization but they have trouble finding the apps by name and I haven't figured out yet how to facilitate them the search with an specific keyword.

  8. Overpass:Interested in how to visit profile that has blocked me
    I think I can see him through the Console?

  9. This test is make with your help. Thanks a lot..

  10. how to upload a game with expansion and how to make the code so that it downloads the expansion file itself if google play didn't in unity and how to implement google play services in my game in unity hop you will do tutorials for these topics

  11. This was really really helpful, both going through it and your thoughts as you show us. Thanks for taking the time.

  12. Agor kisiko playstore ka console kharidna hai toh inbox pe aa jao . Apko advance playconsole mil jayega sirf 1500 rs pe (jo abhi 1622 current rate hai). Or agor online buy korne jaoge toh card visa hona chahiya .. or bhi mushkik hota . Hai so kisiko chahiye toh aa jao ..

  13. Sir, my question is
    My developer account was terminated before year named "Offline Stuff" due to violating google policy s but now i created Another Google account for my developer account my question is that i created this account from the same device (laptop). it means my terminated account was also created from same laptop . I just want to ask that if i don't violate any policy then my new account is safe or not or due to same device this new account also in problem please suggest me.

  14. After this msg…?

    REASON FOR TERMINATION: Prior violations of the Developer Program Policies and Developer Distribution Agreement by this or associated accounts as outlined in previous emails sent to the registered email address(es) of the Publisher account(s).

    Google Play Publisher suspensions are associated with developers, and may span multiple account registrations and related Google services.

    What is the solution to start again?

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