How to use Freedom.apk Correctly

hey guys American to appear on a Sasori on how to get freedom which is basically cracking in-app purchases I'm going to teach you guys how to get it work because I've seen people that just can't seem to get it to work so what you're going to want to do is first go into settings go into security and check unknown sources this may be in another place for your phone but for the jelly bean jelly bean ROM it's in the security settings check that off and that basically lets you install apps from other places besides the Play Store and then you're going to want to download the freedom APK so what you want to do is go to and then ID and it what the Afrikaners goodness okay and then you're going to want to search up freedom the apk search that up and it should be the first one and click on a system that I in App Store comm and you download it right there you can copy and paste the link or just open it and then after you downloaded it open up the app or install the first and then open it oh crashed on me oh Christ I made in oh yeah forgot it's going to say freedom isn't available in your country that means that your date and time is incompatible with freedom so what you're going to want to do is go into your clock or wherever you're dating time settings is go in date and time take off automatic date and time an automatic time zone select time zone and you're going to want to select Moscow because that's where the creators from so you need it on Moscow time you see now my change my time change to 3:17 a.m. and now you can go into freedom with no problems mine loaded up because I only have two laps and another thing if you are what's called if you just installed the app just leave the app alone for like five minutes once you press the app like if you go if you press the app it's going to say please wait it's going to ask for a super user grant it and then it's going to take like five or six minutes because I has to like mess around with the binary final files and stuff so just leave it alone and make sure the screen doesn't turn off anyways after that you will see that freedom does do OTA updates just to like get the newest things but there is an issue freedom that is not compatible with the new Play Store so once you change the date and time you're going to get one of two things you're either going to get no connection which is probably gonna happen to me all right so I have connection right now but the next time you reboot your phone you still on mass call time it's going to say no connection and that's gonna like mess up everything because even when you it's because the date and time is incorrect so it's going to say no connection even when you do change it back to normal time it's still going to say no connection which is really annoying so what you're going to do is go into to fix the no connection problem you have to where is it you have to go on the Play Store download root explorer and you call so download like ES File Explorer but I prefer root explorer I just like it better it is um you do have to pay for it think it's five dollars I'm not sure and I'll check on that but anyways after you download root explorer you're going to want to hurry up and install install install okay now it installed you're going to want to go all the way into root and go to the etc' folder and it's going to be called hosts it's literally just going to be host it's going to be in the route going to et Cie and it's going to be called host to fix the no connection problem you just delete it and then it fix that no connection problem and then after that you have to go into application manager and go into o8 it's also in the downloaded go into Google Play Store and uninstall updates because um freedom isn't compatible with the new Play Store so once you uninstall the Play Store it goes back to the original design well the original sort of design which is this look and then you'll notice that um freedom is compatible with it except oh no I'm gonna check it off whatever I can do that another time alright it crashed on me of course no connect I'll see see no connection stupid thing is because I didn't delete the stupid host I'll hold on once you delete the host file words root explorer okay once you delete the even to prove it to prove it to you guys I will where its host or toast – oh I'm not dtc folder all right instead of deleting it what I do is just in case something does go wrong I choose where is it or is it I choose fricassee I'll zip this file and then see it tells you where it stay and you might have to reboot for this to work because it basically takes away the IP addresses that Google Play works off of and it makes it work like without with the different date and time go to play store see fixed it BAM all you have to do to get um freedom to work you download it grant super user uninstall the updates to Google Play and that's it you don't really have to reboot the phone after you put host ah the host file like the leader or anything that's all it requires anyways thank you guys so much for watching like and subscribe and I'll see you guys next time

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    If you have Freedom app installed, keep in mind that Google Play wouldn't work for sure.

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