How to use DreamSpark to download Microsoft Software

How to download Microsoft software through DreamSpark &
burning .iso files to a blank disc. Open up your favorite browser. Type “cpp cis” into Google. It should be the first link that
pops up. Click it. Click ” MSDNAA Download”. Click “Sign In” and enter your username and password, which
is what you use to log on to our school computers. Click the software you want and click “Add to Cart”. Click “Checkout” Click “I Accept” Click “Proceed with Order” Write down the Product Key that is given to you so you can
enter it when you install the operating system! Download the Secure Download Manager. Install the Download Manager. Download the .SDX file with the Download Manager you just
installed. Click Start Download I will be right back when it’s done downloading! Click Launch. Use the Microsoft built-in image burning software or any other
third party software. For this tutorial, I will be using ImgBurn. Insert a blank DVD and click Write image file to disc. Make sure the destination selected is your physical DVD
drive. Browse for the file we just downloaded. I moved it to desktop
and selected it. Click the button below to burn the image to disc! I don’t have
a blank disc, that’s why it is greyed out for me. You should
be able to click it. After it’s done burning, your tray will pop out signifying it’s
done. You can then restart your computer with the disc
inserted and boot from the DVD and proceed. Make sure you have the product key I told you to copy down
earlier. I am summarizing the steps we just covered. Thank you for watching! Hope I have helped you.

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  1. I go to ivy tech and i was provided with a link that took me to Dreamspark but it doesn't look like yours, i have an account on this dreamspark and i went through it's 4 steps to download visual studio 2010 and the download part at 5:07 is the same as yours but when i click launch it says file can not be found, please help me, my teacher says this is basic stuff i should already know how to do, so she won't help me and i'm going to fail. is there a way i can contact you cause i'm stressed out

  2. Hello, I have just found that with NUS Extra I could receive this software for free, but I cannot find anything or anyone actually telling me what it does? could you please let me know? Thanks..p.s is the software worth downloading?

  3. Hi.. I'm trying to download Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2013 32/64-bit (English) from DreamSpark to get the C++ software. I've followed your steps till 5:33 but the file is not an ISO file. It's an application (.exe) file. So I run it and it says "Setup successful" but I don't get see my C++ software anywhere. Can you help me with it? Thank you very much.

  4. Hi, i want to ask you that when i bring the blank CD then will i just click the button that is grey for you now and will it download. actually like what will i have to do after when i click that grey button. i need your help because i just download office in my laptop and i don't know what to do after.

  5. Does anyone has MS Azure subscription key ? My dept. doesn't carry it (Can exchange for Server2012r2 /VS2012 licenses) plz need it for online class!

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