How to update your Philips Saphi Smart TV software via USB [2018]

To ensure an optimal experience with
your Philips TV it is advisable to check for software updates regularly. In order
to do a software update via USB, you will need an empty USB flash drive which is
FAT formatted and a computer which is connected to the internet via a
broadband connection. Insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on
the side of your TV. Press [Settings] on your remote control, select [All settings],
[Update software] and [Search for updates]. Select [USB], [Identify the TV],
[Ok] and [Start now]. Finally select [Start] and then [Done]. Insert the USB flash drive
into one of the USB ports of your computer. In the flash drive locate the
file ‘update.html’ and double click it. After that, click on the [Send ID] button.
If a new software version is available, proceed to download the zip file. In case
your TV’s software is already up to date, you will see a message announcing that
there is no software available. Before downloading the file you will need to
accept the User License Agreement. The download process may take a while. After
downloading the software file, unzip it and copy the file with the ‘.UPG’
extension onto the USB flash drive. Place the file straight in the root directory,
not inside of any folder. Insert the flash drive into the TV USB port again.
The update will start automatically and it may take a few minutes. When prompted press [Ok] to restart now.
The TV will switch itself off for about 10 seconds and then back on again. Please wait until this process is completed.

15 thoughts on “How to update your Philips Saphi Smart TV software via USB [2018]

  1. hola no encuentro para bajar el zip de mi modelo: 43pfl5603/f7 , ayudame por favor. help me please

  2. it makes me so upset i live in iceland and i have 32PFL5007T/12 and hdmi port only works for tv boxes and not when i connect my ps3 or ps4 console it use to work before but now it does only show on hdmi port "video format not supported" i changed 10 hdmi cabels and did all method but ts not working only when i connect my tv box works hdmi port i even updatethe softwarte to the lates but no luck, its kindof sucks i love this tv but now this problem make me so upset

  3. I have a 55PUS6162 with a loop boot problem. How can I fix that? I'd download the latest operation system to a USB drive, but the device doesn't recognize or use that 'cause it can't set up. Is there some button combination or a user hack? I don't want carry it to the service 'cause so heavy.

  4. I hole i coupe get a replay as fast as possible. Should the usb DriveNow be empty? What if i out the Update in a Folder?

  5. Hi, I recently bought a Philips TV, but my device is experiencing a hardware or software problem that only the device manufacturer can solve. For instance, in NETFLIX, I get constant error of (tvq-pm-100). I would appreciate if you could help. Thanks

  6. Hola, no encuentro actualizacion para la Phillips 65PFL5922/F8 el software tiene errores al vincular el Chromecast por medio de Ethernet, tengo que restaurarla a cada rato, espero ya este solucionado en la actualizacion.

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