How to update software over USB – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

you can download the software on your PC
and use a USB stick to upgrade the TV set to upgrade software via USB stick
you will need an empty USB flash drive and the computer which is connected to
the Internet the USB flash drive must be FAT formatted insert the USB Drive to a
USB port on the computer from your computer with internet visit and then select your country enter your model number and press enter you can find your TV model number and TV software version by pressing one two
three six five four on the TV when you enter your TV’s product page select software updates and click on download file to download the software the software is available as a zip file accept the license agreement terms and
conditions the zip file will be downloaded
automatically create a folder
named upgrades in the main directory of your USB flash drive copy the .UPG file you have extracted
earlier into the upgrades folder disconnect your USB flash drive from the
computer connect your USB flash drive containing the software update to the
USB connector on the TV wait 30 seconds or until the USB Drive is recognized by
the TV your TV will start loading the software automatically follow the on-screen instructions to activate the upgrade during the upgrade process the
TV may reboot several times don’t worry this is normal you can now enjoy your
Philips TV with the latest software updates in case the software does not
start loading automatically you can also update the software manually do this by
pressing home button on your remote control you first see the most common
configurations select update software and press ok select local updates and press ok select the file and press ok to download the software the TV will download new software which might take some time during the upgrade process the TV may
reboot several times dont worry this is normal congratulations you have completed the software upgrade now you can enjoy using
your smart TV with great performance

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