How to Update iOS via iTunes? (Tamil)

how to download and install iOS updates via iTunes to avoid battery consumption, heating issues and app crashing you can download updates from iTunes. to avoid battery consumption, heating issues and app crashing you can download updates from iTunes. to avoid battery consumption, heating issues and app crashing you can download updates from iTunes. connect your iPhone to the iTunes.
A window will pop-up saying there is an update available(if any) click download only if you want to update it later . otherwise, click download and update to instantly do the both. Unlock your iPhone so that iTunes can sync with your mobile. Click the Update Button to Start Downloading the iOS Update. Restore option completely flashes your iPhone data by downloading the latest software update from the Apple Server. Find my iPhone should be turned off to use Restore iPhone. Before using this option you must take a Backup. So Always Take a Backup before Installing or Restoring iOS to your iPhone. click Encrypt iPhone backup to Encrypt your backed up datas in iTunes. If you want to take Backup to your iCloud account, then select iCloud Backup option. Both Restore options must be used after Turning OFF Find my iPhone.

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  1. வணக்கம் ,ராபின் சார் என்னோட iPhone la old costum ringtone deleted panna mudiyala athukka enna pannalam any idea⁉️system la pannipartha ,mobile la GarageBand pannipartha mudiya …

  2. Hello brother I using iPhone 6 I live in Dubai I buy iPhone here FaceTime here blocked but I go india how I can use FaceTime any settings change please tell me

  3. Bro,I couldn’t download or update app using mobile data though settings are gud and app is less than 150mb.some times some of the YouTube videos are not playing,even this video also.but some other videos playing music also not playing but pages loading fine….I couldn’t figure out its becoz of carrier settings issue or mobile device is iphone 6s plus ios is 12.1.2….please help me to fix this issue.

  4. Hi sir, my doubt is not related to this video.
    I notice that erase all feature in settings>touch id and passcode.
    I keep it turned off. If I make it turned on it shows that "my data will totally erase after the 10 wrong passcode attempts".
    Here my doubt, Is it all data erase include my creditential?
    If it makes my iphone as new, Can anyone (thief) use it either with his/her Apple Id or by creating new one?
    If all data erase include Apple Id how can I find my theft iphone if so?
    Please make a video sir.
    Thank you.

  5. Bro… 12.1.4 update pannen Jio network call issue call failure aaguthu sudden ah No service nu varuthu but 12.1.3 la indha pbm illa…. Help me bro what solution??? iPhone 6

  6. Bro iTunes la driver not installed iruku

    iTunes is waiting for windows update to install the driver for this iPhone. You may need to use the windows settings app to check for updates

    Ippati tha iruku Enna problem my sollunga

  7. Hai Robin, up to now I updated my 6s through OTA only. (From 2015 to up to date) including 12.2. I have only battery issues in my phone. How to solve the issue? Whether I need to wait for next update???? Kindly suggest bro.

  8. நண்பா என் போண் iOS no 9.3.4 இதை மாற்ற என்ன செய்யவேண்டும் iPhone 5s

  9. Hi, bro how to download iTunes for iOS using Mac and Windows by the way I’m using windows 10 it may be support with 32 bit

  10. bro naan theriyama encrypt local backup option phone vaanguna pudhusula tick pannitan ippo ennoda phone reset pannum bodhu its asking encrypt password bt adhu enakke theriyadhu ippo enna pandradhu naanum ella vedios um try pannitan bt i can't plz help

  11. Restore and update option manual ah panna mudiyuma? I mean already download panni file mooliyama restore and update panna mudiyuma? (Without download the software update file via iTunes)

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