How to transfer music to Fitbit Ionic (Windows 7/iTunes)

hello everyone welcome to this video on
how to transfer music from your Windows 7 PC to your Fitbit ionic SmartWatch
I’ve seen recently a lot of comments and frustration on the Internet in regards
to how to transfer music from your PC to your ionic and I decided to create this
video so in order to make people’s life much easier so let’s get started so the
first thing that you need to do is to actually download the fitbit desktop
software so all you have to do is to head to the Fitbit website so you can
type and on this page you can see two different
types of apps the first type is the mobile app that you use to see your
stats and you use to transfer applications and clock faces to your
ionic and these apps are this app is available for Android iOS and windows
enabled devices but that’s not the application that we are interested in
for transfering music, the one that we want for Windows 7 if you scroll down is the
one here PC so click on that icon PC and then click on download for
Windows that’s the application that we need on windows 7 so once you download
the software and install it you should be able to see the Fitbit connect icon
this is the app that we will use on your desktop or you can see it on the
Start menu of your Windows 7 so this is the first step the second step is to
actually download the software that you need to use to create the playlist so
you have actually two options either you can use iTunes which is available from
apple website you can click on the download now button which will give you the
latest version of the iTunes software or alternatively if you don’t want to
install itunes or you don’t have it on your pc you can just get a free music
player I personally use Comet Player which is a very lightweight music player very
easy to use and very easy to create playlists on it so once those two
softwares are installed on your PC you can use them to create playlists and we
will see how to do this in a sec so the next step is to prepare the list of your
music so I have here a small list of four songs and we will use these four songs
to create two separate playlists we will call the first one the boys playlists
and the second one is the girls playlist one we will create one of them in iTunes
and the second one in Comet Player so let’s start with the girls playlist when
you go to iTunes file new playlist and we will call this one girls playlist
select that and from your folder just drag the music that you want I have here
Rita Ora and Dua Lipa so once these songs are dragged into
the playlist it’s saved in there and you can transfer this music to your Fitbit
ionic using the fitbit connect application we will see this in the next
few minutes so this is how to create a playlist in iTunes if you’re using comet
player you can actually just open the software and the same thing just drag
the songs that you want so we have Ed Sheeran and we have Sam Smith
and if you want to save these songs as a playlist you can just click here
save list and you have to select the folder where your this playlist will be
saved so in my case I’m saving under this path
I’ll call it boys playlist and it’s saved so as you can see here this is the boys
playlist I’ve just created in comet player and we will see how we can import
that into ionic in a sec so the next step is to actually open the Fitbit
Connect app so you have it here on your desktop double-click on it and it opens
as you can see here on the right-hand side there is a tile called manage my
music that’s how that’s where you will be moving your music from your desktop
to your ionic SmartWatch so just click on it and as you can see here it’s
looking for your ionic two important things to mention here first thing is
you have to use Wi-Fi the same Wi-Fi network on those ionic and your desktop
that’s running Windows 7 the second thing is of course you have to have your
ionic turned on and if it’s turned on just go to the music application tap on
it and as the screenshot tells you here you have to click (tap) on the transfer music
button in your ionic watch so let me just do that now it’s saying on my watch
connecting so just be patient once it’s connected
we will go automatically to the next screen on the fitbit connect app so it’s still trying to connect just be patient it’s a bit slow but it
will work eventually all right so now it’s connected and as
you can see automatically the software detects that we have the girls playlist
which we which we’ve just created by iTunes if you remember a few seconds ago
and it has two songs which we’ve added to that playlist now if you notice we
can’t see the playlist that we’ve created using comet player that’s
because you have to configure the path where the playlist is actually saved
it’s very easy all you have to do is to click on the COG icon here at the
top right corner and click advanced settings you can see here at the music
folders section that there’s no folders configured all you have to do is to
click on the plus button and select the folder where the playlists are saved so
this is the same path that I used for saving my custom playlists and if I
select it and click select folder and then okay now I am able to see the
boys playlists in here as well so that’s pretty straightforward I think now
the next step is to actually transfer the music to your ionic so all you have
to do now is to select one or more of the playlists that we just created so
I’ll just select the girls playlist and all you have to do is to tick that circle
on the right hand side here once it’s ticked the Fitbit connect will
automatically start transferring the music to your ionic so you can see
here it’s saying estimated transfer time is 1 minute
and it’s actually started transferring the music if you want to see the actual
progress of the list just click on the list here and it will show you that we
have two songs the first song is loading or in progress and the second one is
just waiting so one thing I noticed while transferring music is it’s a bit
slow because it’s using Wi-Fi obviously but it’s working so if you have a big
list of music be careful because it’s gonna take ages to transfer it to your
watch but eventually it will work so now we have the songs that we’ve selected
syncing or transferring to the watch and now it’s done
once it’s done you will see the transfer complete message in here and your watch
will actually beep (vibrate) telling you that it’s it’s done with the transfer so this
is basically how you can transfer from your Windows 7 to your ionic it’s very
simple the same thing can apply to the boys playlist as well nothing is
different once you select the circle here it will start transferring
automatically the next or the final thing I want to show you is to actually
how to remove the music from your ionic so once you open the application
let’s actually close it and open it again so we click on manage my music let’s
make sure the ionic is connected now if I want to remove that playlist
that we’ve just transferred to the ionic all you have to do is to click on the
circle again and this will automatically remove the music from your watch so
tick that and you can see here that it’s determining the sync time and then
removing the playlist from your watch and bang it’s much quicker than
transferring to your watch obviously so again it will say transfer is complete
and your watch will beep that’s it everyone I think it’s a pretty
straightforward on Windows 7 I think this will be quite useful for a lot of
people who are struggling with transferring music from windows 7 based
PC to ionic if you liked this video please hit the like button and stay
tuned for my next few videos on how to use the ionic watch thank you so much
for watching

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