How to Transfer Music from an iPod to iTunes

How to Transfer Music from an iPod to iTunes. Copy your valuable music from your iPod to
iTunes in Windows or on a Mac. You will need iPod with USB cable Computer
with iTunes and free software (optional). Step 1. Connect your iPod to your Windows-based PC
using the USB cable. If iTunes start syncing your iPod automatically,
click the X in the display to stop it. Step 2. Go to My Computer, and select your iPod from
the list of drives in the drop-down menu. Most PCs will list your iPod as the F drive,
but this can differ depending on what other USB devices you have connected to your computer. Step 3. Go to the Tools menu and select Options. Then click on the View tab and check “Show
hidden files and folders.” Select Apply. In Windows Vista, after you select the iPod
drive, select Organize. Select the Folder and Search Options tab and
click View and then Show Hidden Files and Folders. Step 4. Find your iPod music folder on your computer
by opening your device drive and looking for a folder called iPod_Control. Step 5. Select all of the music folders in your iPod. Drag and drop them directly into iTunes. You may have to select each individual song
file before dragging and dropping in order to successfully transfer the music. You can also transfer the music by selecting
File in iTunes, clicking Add to Library or “Add folder to library,” and then selecting
your iPod music files. Step 6. Organize your music by going into the iTunes
Edit menu, selecting Preferences and, in the Advanced tab, checking Keep iTunes Music Folder
Organized. Now you can listen to music directly from
iTunes without using your iPod. Step 7. If you have a Mac, search online for free
software that transfer music from your iPod to your iTunes. Unlike Windows, Macs won’t recognize your
iPod as an external disk. Did you know The most downloaded song from
iTunes in 2009 was “Boom, Boom, Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas.

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