How to Sell iBooks in iTunes Producer

This video is about how to sell iBooks in
the iTunes Producer. It covers the file format and iBooks as a product. It covers the iTunes
Seller Accounts and contarcts, how to sell books through the itunes producer. The book
I’m gonna give you an overview of is called Kids Love Bugs. It’s the first self-published
iBooks 2 file sold on iTunes and it’s $2.99. My name is Jeremy Kemp, I’m a lecturer at
San Jose State’s School of Library and Information Science. Ok, let’s go ahead and open Author and open
up a sample iBook: Kids Love Bugs. In order to download the Author tool you need
iTunes 10.5, and also Mac OS Lion 10.7 in order to even work with the ibooks Author.
iBooks Author – it comes in the App Store and its free. A few things about iPad iBooks: you have to
sell them through the iTunes Producer. If you make an iBook, you can give it away for
free, but if you make money from it using digital rights management, you have to use
the iTunes setup. Apple takes 30% off the top depending on the market.
Let’s take a look at the steps for selling an Apple iBook. First off you need an Apple
ID. Once you do that, download the iBooks Author application. It’s free through the
App Store. Create your iBooks file. You’ll also want to create a sample with maybe the
first 10 or 15 pages of a book. Then you need to join iTunes Connect and create a paid account.
You’re gonna have to give them your tax information, a US tax ID. You have access to iTunes Connect
and the ability to download iTunes Producer. Let me show you iTunes Producer. This is the
home screen. Generally you would go ahead and create a package fr- or a new book. I’m
gonna open a package for a book that already exists and show you the pieces. So this was
something, this was the book that I originally submitted in order to make Kids Love Bugs.
So the book has an ISBN number. You have to have an ISBN number to get through the these
steps. You need to buy an International Standard Book Number from One ISBN will
cost you $125, 10 will cost $250 and the price comes down in bulk. Subtitle, gave myself
the publisher. Be sure to put the publication date in the past or you may be delayed having
the thing published, how many pages, and I give a good book description here. Categories–
you can add multiple categories but be sure to include a primary category. So in this
case I have science, life sciences, and zoology, but the primary category is juvenile [inaudible]
fiction, animals, insects, and spiders. More information about myself. More information
about the target audience. I don’t have any related products. I do have the book set to
sell for $2.99 in the tier 3 pricing, so you can see here rights and pricing is set. Next
I have the assets. This is where I will be uploading the dot iBooks file, the main file
as well as a smaller version of the preview. I’m also uploading the cover art as well as
four of the screen shots. These have a specific format. If you don’t put them in the specific
format, it’ll it’ll just give you an error and tell you. It’s gonna take you, once you
upload this file, roughly 24 hours to several weeks in order to see it approved on the iTunes
bookstore. Okay the final step, go to iTunes Connect and manage your books. And you’ll
see this is a, an approved book with that little green circle there for all of these
markets. Using iTunes Connect you can also track your sales and trends and get ni- nice
charts and graphs. Here’s a, a daily view, a weekly view, and you can divide it by free
books, paid books, also look at your sales, look at previous days. They also have a handy
iPhone application. So this is the set of books in my book shelf.
Some of these are the professional publishers, the life on earth, [inaudible] natural history
insects. This is the book I want to take a look at my Kids Love Bugs book. So I’m gonna
open it up. I see the cover. Dr. Kemp’s Kids Love Bugs. That’s called the intro media file,
and then it immediately jumps to chapter one, and you can see here there’s a chapter header
page. Here’s a book with multiple pages in the in the section in the chapter. So I’m
gonna open up the chapter header page and this is a, an interactive widget, the gallery
widget. All the widgets allow you to expand to full page. Here you can see a keynote animation
with hot spots, so these are linked within the slideshow. So I’m gonna start it up. So
individual slides come with a sound when I navigate through it. So I’m gonna go to the
next page. This is another widget. Click on individual pieces within the photo and it
zooms in.
Finally a video file m4v file in the page. So I’m gonna shrink this page down. You can
see the layout of the book here along the bottom. This has been Jeremy Kemp from San
Jose State School of Library and Information Science

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  1. Hi Jeremy, in your video you demonstrate a Keynote presentation with hotspots or rollovers – is it possible to do this in Keynote? I've looked around different sites but to no avail – any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. I got one question. If my book is about 3D design, and it has videos that I did for myself, but my software (Autodesk Maya) is not legal, I just Downloaded it and did the crack and Keygen process….Does this affect the fact of the publishing process? Do I need to use legal software?

  3. Thank you Jeremy, Great info. I would love to learn how to do what you did inside your book with the widgets. Do you have a tutorial on that?

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