How To Save More Money Using Qapital App Review

36 thoughts on “How To Save More Money Using Qapital App Review

  1. Hey Jarrod! I’m trying to save money for my Emergency Fund and to buy a newer used car. I also have 2 rainy day funds in case anything happens.

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  3. Hey jarrad quick question. Although i link my personal bank account to the qapital app, does that mean i will no longer have access to my peraonal bank afterwards???? Just want to make sure i can still use my personal banking institution in case their are any mistakes or mishaps down the road. Small concern of mines before i actually commit to this savings app. Thanks for your time

  4. All my sinking funds I need to use for the year are programed in Qapital. I have about 9. I also deposit onto the spending card my monthly spending money every month… groceries, gas, etc… when I need the money in one of my sinking funds… lets say I want to pay my yearly oil bill, I transfer the money to the spending card and pay for it using the card. I like that my credit cards and bank cards arent being used, primarily for internet safety reasons.

  5. So, is this kind of like a bank account but with compartmentalized savings ? If I move from the savings in Qapital to my main bank account, will my savings goal go down or will it remain the same? For instance, if my goal is $1000, I have $500 saved but move it to my main account, will Qapital still say I saved $500 or will it go down to $0?

  6. If I wanted to have separate accounts for separate subscriptions do the subscriptions charge directly to each goal I have set up for them?

  7. I understand the separate sinking funds you can create but is the card fund different? Does using the card come directly out of one sinking account or is it separate. Also, must you have the debit card?

  8. So your savings is in a qapital account instead of my own bank? No thanks. As sketchy as customer service can be with apps, having to rely on customer service to get my money back sounds scary

  9. I see you have PNC, which is also my bank account. For some reason, the app will not let me link my bank account! It keeps telling me my account is not yet authorized for online use. I’ve already confirmed my account, and when I log in, it tells me the last step to setting up my account is to link my bank account! This is maddening! Lol I’m excited to use the app, but I can’t get it working! Any idea what’s going on?

  10. Where do you get the money thoe to add to all of these goals?…🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. I don't know if someone asked this already, but would I be able to use my regular bank debit card to make purchases? Also, how would I pay for things once they are in the app?

  12. Jarrad – does Qapital give users options for withdrawals? …or does withdrawal always come in the form of a card? One of my goals is to pay back my parents for a loan they gave me, but they don't want a card.

    Thanks for making videos – I think they are great!

  13. This is the best review and I will use this app what funny is that I just did Digit app but this one is much better. Thanks man

  14. Ok.. so I'm probably the only person having an issue trying to use the app.

    Does the app support
    Forum Credit Union ?

  15. Question, I have the app set up to where when I use my card it will round up but I used it and noticed that there wasn’t anything in my savings I did. Help me out

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