How to Restore iPhone or iPad from iTunes Backup

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video, I’m going
to talk through how to restore your iPhone or iPad from an iTunes backup. While iCloud is nice for backing up some aspects
of your iPhone or iPad, the only true free option for creating a full backup of your
device is still iTunes. Those backups can come in handy when you’re
having issues with your iPhone or iPad and need to try restoring to a previous backup
to return your device to good working order, or when you get a new device and need to move
everything from your old device to a new device. If you’re moving content from an old device
to a new device, it’s important to remember that the version of iOS on both the old iPhone
or iPad and the new iPhone or iPad need to be the same version, otherwise iTunes will
give you an error that it can’t complete the restore. Additionally, the time it takes to restore
from a backup depends on how large that backup is. Also, to ensure the restore process goes as
smoothly as possible, try to avoid doing other work on your computer while the restore is
underway. This will ensure the restore process goes
as quickly as possible, and will also help avoid hiccups with the iTunes application
that could force you to start the process all over again. Step 1. Connect the iPhone or iPad you want to restore
from an iTunes backup to your computer. Step 2. Open iTunes on your computer. Step 3. Click the small phone or tablet icon that
appears in the upper left corner of the iTunes application. This icon appears in the row beneath the menu
options. A details window for your iPhone or iPad appears
on the right side of the screen. Step 4. Click “Restore Backup” in the Backups section
beneath Manually Back Up and Restore. A Restore From Backup dialog box appears in
the center of your screen. Step 5. Click the drop-down menu to the right of either
iPhone or iPad name, and then select the backup you want to restore on your device. After selecting a specific backup, you’ll
see a timestamp with the date and time that specific backup was created. Step 6. Click “Restore.” An iPhone or iPad dialog box appears in the
center of your screen with a message that your device is now being restored from the
backup you selected. A green progress bar will scroll across the
screen with a message that says the time to complete the restore of the backup is being
estimated. Additionally, a Restore in Progress message
appears in white lettering across the screen of the device your restoring the backup to. Step 7. Eventually, the dialog box showing the status
of your restore will display a remaining time estimate to complete the restore. Step 8. After the backup is successfully restored
to your device, a message appears in iTunes informing you that the settings for your iPhone
or iPad have been restored. Step 9. Press “OK.” Your device will boot up to a white screen
that says “Press Home to Upgrade.” Step 10. Press the “Home” button on your device. Another white screen appears, with a black
Apple logo and a black progress bar in the center. After the progress bar is full, you’ll proceed
to a screen that cycles through saying Hello in a variety of languages. Step 11. Press the “Home” button on the Hello screen. A message appears informing you that your
update is completed. Step 12. Tap the blue “Continue” button. Your Apple ID appears on the screen, with
a prompt for the password associated with that account. Step 13. Enter the password associated with your Apple
ID in the password field, and then tap “Return.” A message appears on the screen saying that
iCloud settings are being updated. After this is complete, a message giving you
a quick overview of Apple Pay appears. Step 14. Tap “Next” in the upper right corner of the
screen. The Add Card screen appears, where you’ll
be prompted to supply the security code for any credit cards you previously set up with
Apple Pay. You can either supply the security code for
the card presented, or tap “Set Up Later in Wallet.” After moving through the Add Card screen,
you’ll arrive at the Welcome to iPhone screen. Step 15. Tap the blue “Get Started” text at the bottom
of the screen. You’ll arrive at the home screen as it was
in the backup you restored to your device.

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