How to Reset Web Browser (IE, Firefox and Chrome)

sometimes when a web browser stops working
properly for example if you’re on YouTube and you’re watching a video and the video
is green but you can still hear the audio it is necessary to reset a web browser now
the problem with the video could be caused by Adobe flash player but that might not be the case and this is an easy test to see if that would fix the problem that you’re
having whether it be with video or not today I’m going to show you how to reset Internet
Explorer, Firefox and Chrome to their default settings what this will do is wipe out any
settings that have been set by the user and restore a lot of other things to like appearances,
toolbars and any settings that the user has changed them self there will be links in the
video description to text instructions on how to do this there will also be time stamps
to each different web browser so you can click them and skip ahead for Internet Explorer
you can right click the start button depending on your version of Windows or go to the control
panel in the control panel open internet options click on the advanced tab and right here near
the bottom it says reset now you would click reset and then it asks you what you want to
reset and if you want to delete your personal settings so you put a check mark in delete
personal settings and then you click reset and then you click close now you will have
to restart your computer after restarting your computer you will have to go back into
the control panel and internet options and add back your homepage and change any other
settings that you have changed for the most part at least for me I leave most of the settings
default for Mozilla Firefox you open Mozilla Firefox in the address bar here you type about
colon support and then hit enter and right here in the top right corner you can see it
says refresh Firefox or restart with add-ons disabled with add-ons disabled that it just
considered safe mode that doesn’t affect your settings if you hit refresh Firefox that will
reset all of the Firefox settings to default in the link provided in the video description
you can also delete the preference files and that may help too once you open Firefox after
deleting the preference files they’ll be re-created and then you can readjust your settings you
do not have to restart your computer when you do this with Firefox for Google Chrome
you open Google Chrome you go to the top right hand corner here and you click on customize
and control Google Chrome settings and then you click on show advanced settings and here
where it says reset settings it says restore settings to their original defaults which
means right after installation no user has changed the settings and then you just click
reset settings and it tells you that everything will be restored to default your homepage,
new tab page, search engine, extensions, unpin all tabs it will also clear out any browser
data so then you just click reset and after you do that you just close Chrome and then
open it again and then set your preferences the way you prefer resetting your web browser
can help troubleshoot some problems that you’re having with your web browser for example if
there’s poor video playback or another issue and the best thing to do is after resetting
your browser is to slowly enable all of the settings if you have an idea of what might
be causing it maybe leave that for the last to re-enable it and then go from there subscribe or visit my YouTube channel

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  1. hello, can you help? still after all this on all browsers i have this page when i open up browser- What to do? Please please HELP

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