How to Remove from All Browsers

Welcome to Smart PC User In this video, we will see how to remove from all browsers at once. is a browser hijacker that attacks on all browsers on windows PC. It attacks on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers. Secure-Surf hijacks the options of the browser like Homepage, New Tab, and Default Search Engine. To Remove Secure-Surf first download MalwareFox from the link in the description. Now Install it, after the installation let it update and load recent signatures. Now press the scan button. MalwareFox has detected suspicious settings in Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome. Click on Next to clean your PC. As you can see, has been removed from all browsers at once. Thanks for Watching, like the video and subscribe to our channel. If you face any problem, comment below, we will try to resolve it. Keep your PC Safe.

23 thoughts on “How to Remove from All Browsers

  1. Thank you so much bro!
    Now I don't have on Chrome anymore 🙂 It also removed from firefox which i have tried to remove for weeks.
    Used every fucking virus scan tool but none of them could remove it expect this.

  2. Thank you man this anti virus program is a killing all virus you are best ı have never seen the youtube you are my solicition

  3. Thank you so much! This is really help me out + also it's much easier than any tutorial in youtube (like we have to uninstall stuff in control panel etc.) 😀

  4. i wonder if it will work on the tor browser or the brave browser…… time to get the virtual box out.

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