How to remove Search Box from Opera Browser

Start Opera We are removing the large Search Box Go to settings (or press Alt+P) Search Box Settings are hidden in POWER USER SETTINGS. Click on white space followed by: Type with Arrows keys: ↑↑ ↓↓ ← → ← → then “b” “a” Click “I understand proceed” In the fast search type “speed” Tick “Hide the search box in Speed Dial” Close the settings tab and voila! Search box in Speed Dial Removed!

27 thoughts on “How to remove Search Box from Opera Browser

  1. I actually asked myself, if you are trolling me with this crazy keyboard combination. But it worked! It reminds me of the old sega magedrive times, where the cheat codes were like this 😉

  2. I actually don't want to remove the search engine, I want to change it from Yandex to Google, but I can't, it just assumes that I need a Yandex because I currently live in Russia, is it possible to change it back to Google ? If not is there other way to remove that ugly Yandex ?

  3. I am interested in politic and google is filtering in a way that make it absolutely unusable
    So I will like to have in my search box with opera but ….

  4. Thanks. Tried to figure out for almost an hour how to either change it to DuckDuckGo or remove it, and I was about to lose my mind.

  5. THANK YOU I was so sick of staring at Yandex search bar I don't even use it and I couldn't change it either it sucked!

  6. I'm an idiot who took way more time than it should to read the description, so in case another idiot is reading….
    Also thanks and holy shit why do we have to do this in the first place ???

  7. Wow, lol. I just want to use bing and I have to do this. (please dont judge me for using it, I just like it better.)

  8. To me this video is very complicated. On your Opera Window, simply click on the MENU top left. Then click SETTINGS/ADVANCE/BROWSER. The under "Start Page" enable "Hide Search Box". That's it.

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