How to Remove Encryption from Apple iPhone or iPad iTunes Backup

Hi. I’m Max Dalton, and in this video I’m going
to talk through how to remove encryption from your Apple iPhone or iPad backup. While encrypting backups of your Apple iPhone
or iPad does make it harder for other people who get their hands on your backups to start
digging through your device’s information, it’s just one other thing to remember, and
the penalty for forgetting what the password you set up is steep. If you do forget what the password is for
your encrypted backup, your only option will be to restore your device to the factory default
settings and set it up as a brand new device. And now, the steps to remove encryption from
your iPhone or iPad backup in iTunes. Step 1. Launch iTunes on the computer where you want
to back up your Apple device. Step 2. Click the small phone or tablet icon directly
beneath the navigation menu in the upper left corner of the iTunes application. The details window appears for your connected
iPhone or iPad. Step 3. Select “Summary” beneath Settings along the
left side of the iTunes window. You should see the details for your connected
device on the right side of the iTunes window if you aren’t already. Step 4. Click to remove the check mark to the left
of “Encrypt iPhone/iPad Backup” in the Backups section. The Enter Password dialog box appears. Step 5. Enter the password associated with your encrypted
backup, and then click “OK.” iTunes will instantly start creating a backup
of your connected device.

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