How to Remove DRM from iTunes Video – A Free M4V Software Tutorial

Hey Guys, today I’m going to show you how to convert your iTunes video (M4V) movies & music to an open file format. First, you’ll want to visit & download the free open source program. Click the download button, and save the file to your desktop. Click the new icon to open the software. Select the iTunes video files you would like to convert. In this example, we will convert the free iTunes video called “Shark Week”. We wil then convert the M4V to either AVI or WMV Now that we have removed the DRM, we can watch the videos on any device. Our M4V file conversion is beginning We can convert multiple files at the same time, or simply select one. Looking good! If we want we can also import more DRM protected files, even if they are different file formats. Audiobooks, audible, AAC, AAX, AA and even more! Pretty cool huh? We can also do WAV if we like. Let’s open up a new one now . . . This looks good We’re almost there Ok! We’ve converted all our goodies, and were ready to control our media. We can play them back or export them to any device We can even put them on a DVD or CD to back them up. Here is where we can find the converted files. And here is the export format Of course this will allow us to convert AudioBooks to MP3 if we like But this video is about converting iTunes videos. Mostly M4A & M4V file conversion and DRM removal It’s pretty simple to use, found this program after my iPod broke and I had to get a different player. You can try the free version and check it out for yourself Check it out at: Thanks for watching, please rate and subscribe!

37 thoughts on “How to Remove DRM from iTunes Video – A Free M4V Software Tutorial

  1. There is no such thing as truly free DRM removal software. They're all free to download, and free to try (for 1-3 minutes of video).
    I did see one last year that actually did the whole movie for free, but it put a very huge & very bright watermark across the middle of the screen for the enitre film.
    If you find one that says it's completely free, I'm sure it will eat your hdd and then laugh at you for being so stupid to install it.

  2. Since this dbag lies, you can easily get a copy of this software from many pirated sources such as a bay that has pirates…

  3. Also, this shit runs the conversion in real time. All it does is record the movie as it plays in Quicktime. If you want to have a movie convert in real time while a quicktime movie stays up on your computer that cant be minimized, then this is for you.

    What a piece of shit.

  4. Forget it, just downloaded the plugin for Wondershare Ultimate and it works. WU is awesome software and I didn't realise I could get rid of DRM until just now !

  5. did anyone else notice the subtitles are horribly off it is kind of funny, also the software is 40.00 BUCKS THAT LYING LITTLE…

  6. Sound Taxi, the software that converts mv4 files is free for the trial; but that only lets you convert 3 minutes. To get full functionality, you will want the Pro version.

  7. i have an mov. file and i cant unock it. i download also the plugin that the prog recommend me.. but still cant. plz help thx in advance


  9. As far as I know, the best free iTunes DRM removal tool could be Requiem, but it may not work in the some computers with the new iTunes versions 10.8 or above directly. I would not advise to downgrade the operating systems and iTunes versions.
    Now, I am using DRmare M4V Converter to help me to do that, which costs me $44.95. But it can also work on iTunes purchases and rentals. So, I think it's reasonable and good for me.

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