How to Remove/Block Ads From imo App

Hello guys and welcome back to my
channel “Theta box”. Today I will show you how to remove ads from your imo
application and this method almost works for all android mobile devices including
Ios iphone also, because every imo applications have the same setting locations. So let’s go to our tutorial… And here you can see and this is my android based imo application, but in this homepage section it shows some
advertisements in the form of likee videos and in bottom it also shows one
advertisement banner. So how to hide this type of advertisements in your imo application?. Now in this home page section you can press that horizontal 3 lines icon
and it is placed at the bottom of left side and then it shows my imo profile informations, but you can go to “Settings”. Now in this settings section you can press “Functions” and the third setting, so here you can click to disable “Likee videos” and the first option, so once you disable this option finally I try to check my homepage, because if this ad’s are removed or not. And then you can see, it doesn’t shows likee videos advertisements, but unfortunately this banner ad is doesn’t
going. So if this method not works and another way to remove this ad is
just use “Premium member” plan, because this is ad free subscription. So this is the way you can easily remove advertisements from your imo application. For more tech videos you can subscribe my beautiful tech channel
“Theta box” and thanks for watching…

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