How to program the garage door opener in your car HomeLink Toyota Ford Chevy Dodge Hyundai Jeep

Here’s the HomeLink system on a Toyota Sienna.
It has 3 buttons you can program. Before you do anything you need to turn your key to the
“ON” position. You can see if I hold down this button it is transmitting a code right
now. I am going to delete that code. You do that by holding these two down. The outer
two buttons. The little house with the dot underneath it, that’s going to change. There
you go. Now that means all the codes are clear. You can tell because the little dot underneath
the house is blinking really slow. If there was a code programmed into it, it would be
going fast. So to program it, I’m going to put it on blank mode just to not be confusing
on the screen. Take your remote that you regularly use to open and close the garage and you hold
it really close. Now watch what happens. Normally this should work. If I hold down the button
I want to program. I’m going to do it on number 3. See, there is no code. See how slow it’s
blinking. And so what you do to program it is you push both buttons at the same time.
This one which will open and close my garage already. And this one which is blank. So here
we go, one two three… and you wait for the blink to change. It takes a while, but it
should have done it by now, so it’s not working. These little lights should be blinking fast.
Something is wrong. The instructions said ‘why don’t you try and change your battery’
and all these things that didn’t help and didn’t work. And it said point your remote
battery side away. What I noticed is that if I held this right behind… I’m going to
do the same thing and push the buttons at the same time but hold it right behind. See
that? It worked. So now if I push the button. So the problem was just getting this in a
spot that would work with that. This is apparently not sensitive enough. You have to get right
up on it. So if you are having trouble, try moving around your remote. It could be that
you have a weak battery in you remote too. Watch this though. Watch what happens when
I push the button… I moved the camera. You can now see in the bottom right of the screen
there. Watch the garage door, I’m going to push this… It’s not working. It says it’s
transmitting but it’s not working. Now this is completely typical of Homelink systems
to do this. And you are going to pull your hair out wondering why it’s not working. It
has a code recognized. It’s sending out a signal but the garage door still does not
understand it. So what seems to be happening… now this happened in my Chrysler as well,
it seems to tweak the code enough and it cant communicate it to the garage door. Here we
are at the back of the garage door opener. You can pull these tabs off and expose…
somewhere near your antenna there is going to be a button that says “learn” and if I
push that I have 30 seconds to get to my car and push the “transmit” button. So this now
is waiting for a signal from the car. So here we go, I’m going to push this button. And
did you see that light went on and off? It recognized it. So now this should work. There
we go! So hopefully that’s been helpful to you. If it has, please click “like” and subscribe
as well, and have an awesome day. Thanks!

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  1. Had the exact problem with my new Highlander.  Was extremely frustrated when we couldn't get the homelink to work.  Your tip to place the remote behind the homelink was genius.  Worked on the first try!  Thank you sooo much!!

  2. Why would anyone dislike this video … this guy is being nice to help with useful tips..just don't get it !

  3. I own a 2003 sequoia, tried your tips but still not working. No flashing/blinking on car remote. I follwed your steps, but still not working. (I reset car remote, held personal remote up to car remote pressing both still nothing happens.) Thanks.

  4. Thank you!! I had to move my garage door opener around to signal it, all the other videos didn't help at all! Appreciate it!

  5. Thank you soooo much the information was excellent thank you again. I bought my Lexus 2month ago and have been asking my husband,my son , but none of them had time therefor, I googled it and just watched your video one time and it works.

  6. Very helpful video. But it still took me probly 15 tries to get this to work! Clearly the homelink system is not a very good system. Thanks for video!

  7. Got it to work, but then the next morning nothing worked cars remotes and the keypad. Any suggestions? Do we need every remote and vehicle to be present and programmed at the same time?

  8. Great tutorial. I was never able to get one of my garage door openers to work with the Homelink System in my van until watching this video. Thanks

  9. Hey I have a ryobi gdo and I have the same problem where the car sends the code but the garage won't respond to it. BTW there's no learn button on it. Soneone help thanks!

  10. I tried the first method shown, didn’t work, got the same thing where it looked like the programming took, then tried the second method, and, just like in the video, it works perfectly now. Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Thank you. My problem was sienna garage remote was not recognizing the code from my garage remote controller. I did exactly you described by put my remote garage opener on back of the sienna garage remote controller unit then it did recognized the code. Thanks agqin.

  12. Outstanding video. How many years have I had the same issues and never got them resolved? Can't wait to try this on my new garage door.

  13. thanks, i was so annoyed with it, had to sync with the remote behind the homelink, the rest is the same steps as any other

  14. Will the remote still work after linking the car. What if you have two cars and use the learn button on each of them. will it still work with the first car you synced?

  15. Thanks! Just did my 06 Sequoia. Had to do it twice. 2nd time worked. Also had to put repeater remote behind homelink for it to work. Your direction s are the only ones that worked for me.


  17. Omg! I happen to stumble upon your video and I was in my car and did this I almost fell down the ladder to reach the garage box thing on top but it worked!!! Now I don’t need to buy a remote! I’m super stoked about this! Thank you!

  18. it worked on the first try yes! I had my garage remote. held it up to it, and walla!! This worked on my Metris MBenz.

  19. This video was perfect! You identified the problem I was having to program my HomeLink system in my 2006 Dodge Grand Caravan.The trick was having the handheld remote placed IN FRONT of the console. Thanks for the help.

  20. You are awesome! Mine was having the exact same problem. The last part of your video solved the problem. On my 2000 jeep grand Cherokee. Thank you so much. I was loosing my mind.
    Thanks again 👍👍👍

  21. Dude! Thank you so much! Spent weeks trying to figure this out. Would never had got it without this video. Thank you!

  22. So here's what's happening, when you place your remote close to the buttons the vehicle opener learns the frequencies that the garage door uses. Then you have to place the door opener in "learn" mode to sync with the opener in the car. Garage door openers change "codes" every time the button is pushed just like a keyless entry. Otherwise someone could just sit by your house, capture your code, and open your door.

  23. The button we had originally programmed broke and it is now loose. I went through all your instructions, even putting the remote behind the sensor and nothing happens. The one thing I noticed is that when I press button 2 and 3 the light does not blink but rather stays solid. One thing I cannot do is to reset the previously programmed code because button 1 being broken. Could this be the reason why it is not syncing?

  24. I am at a friends house and they let me use the garage. I cant do your second trick as wont that wipe the remote from being useful?

  25. Thanks! Yes, the newer "Genie" Garage-Door-Opener-Units have rolling-code-remotes and require programming the Homelink in the car first, then setting the opener to learn mode and pressing the Homelink buttons in the car again, as you showed. My problem was finding the right place to hold the remote transmitter for the Homelink in the car to learn it. After that… it was a snap! Thanks again!

  26. Thanks so much , for great instructions . I watched different videos and couldn’t get it to work . After this video I had success

  27. Thank you so much for your instructional video. Had the worst time following the manual directions. When I first purchased my car the deal programmed it for me. Since then, the button has fallen off and I tried several times to program it myself with no results.

  28. Will this process work for Lexus vehicles? I had the same problem when I tried to program my remote to my car garage door opener. The remote and the car are talking but the garage is not opening at all when pressed the the opener in the car. Now I will try to follow this process to see if it works for my Lexus

  29. Solid. Was getting pissed that I couldn't pair my two cars to my two new Genie 7055s, and this got me what I needed. Thanks!

  30. @Rick Shelton. What HomeLink website did you research? They explained details on the website if doesn`t works check your garage door opener make sure its compatible with HomeLink sys and they even show how to press the button on your garage door opener as a video here. Are you an engineer and computer analyst ? Seriously ? Not a right moment for you to advertise your title like that here…lol.

  31. Perfect!!! 2014 BMW X1 28i xline

    I've had the car since 2017 …. This is the first proper instructions.


  32. I had to press the open button in the car multiple times after hitting the "learn" button, but that is probably because I have an older opener. Nonetheless, it worked perfectly! thank you!

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