How to program immobilizer ECU KEYS after ECU swap Toyota LEXUS SCION no tools needed

– [Dan] Hi this is Dan from Today I’ll show you how to program a new, or used, hybrid ECU to a 2009 Toyota Camry. The ECU is located on the firewall here, we replaced it with a new one. Here’s an old one. And of course, once you (shuffling)
replace it, and wanna start the car, (car beeps)
I push on the brake pedal. The car does not start,
does not show ready on it. What you’ll do, it’s a simple procedure, but it will take 30 minutes. You leave the ignition on. You will leave the ignition on, go under (shuffling) the steering wheel, and what I have here, I’ll
show you, is a little jumper. I did mine with a fuse in case you connect
it in the wrong place and will short out, so
just burn this fuse. Otherwise, you’ll need a
jumper, you can use a paper clip if you don’t really care if
you burn something in the car, or a fuse in the car. More likely that’s gonna be the fuse. And here, I’ll show you the
instructions on how to do that. As you can see, this is the
the OBD data link connector. We’re gonna jump the 13 and five. So 13 and five is number four, from left to right, and same here. But your connector can be this way, or the other way around, so you always want to make
sure pyramid-type deal to the top and then count that way. So, I’ll show you on the car. So, as you can see, we
have ours right here, and ours is located same as
on the picture that we had, so what I’ll do with the ignition on, I’ll count one, two, three, four. (clicking) I’ll put it in there, make sure you’re not touching
any other connectors, or pins, and same with over here. (creaking) And now that we have a good connection, double check, make sure
we’re in the same page as noted in the picture. So one, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. Pyramid-type deal. Going up, so we will plug that in. And of course we’ll have to (phone clicks)
set it on a timer for about 30 minutes. I set mine on 29 because we
probably already had a minute since I was talking, so 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, I will
come back and show you that the car will start. So that’s how you program a mobilizer, to the new hybrid ECU. Back in a minute. Alright, I got 35 seconds. And I did forget to tell
you, when you do connect those pins together, all the
lights on the dash will be blinking, so make sure that’s
the way it’s supposed to be, and it will be blinking for 30 minutes. So, I got 15 seconds. And then in a couple
seconds I’ll just shut off the ignition, remove my
pin, and then start the car. (shuffling) (♫ Marimba alarm ringing) Alright, my timer’s done. I will shut off the ignition, remove my pin, and of course, (phone chimes) (car beeps)
As you can see, it’s ready. The car’s working, the RPMs,
and all the lights are off. So, that’s how you program the hybrid ECU.

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  1. hey I was wondering if you can help me uh I have a 2007 Toyota Camry and I would like to know if you can help me up program a new transponder key that I purchase on eBay I've been watching a lot of videos but I haven't seen nobody do a 2007 I like the way you are do your videos I was wondering if you can make a video for 2007 how to program a transponder key that I purchase on eBay

  2. could you please say what volts come from those two ports? Is it positive 10.47 volts at 13 and ground at 5? I am trying to reset the immobiliser on a Toyota fielder with proximity key. The security light keys flashing and the car wont start even though the instrument cluster lights up 

  3. Hey, this is a great video. I changed my ecu and the car won't start. So I will try this tomorrow. But there are some things I'm wondering. First, on my car the P button is not lit up green. It is just off and no matter what gear I put it in, it still won't come on. Second my security light is on and my steering wheel is locked. Will doing this to my Camry hybrid fix those problems and start the car? Thanks in advance.

  4. hi!ihave a 2004 toyota rav4,they stolen the PCM,i buy another one when i put it the car start,but when i press the gas pedal its does not respond.what shoud i do to get it works properly?

  5. hi!ihave a 2004 toyota rav4,they stolen the PCM,i buy another one when i put it the car start,but when i press the gas pedal its does not respond.what shoud i do to get it works properly?l

  6. trying this on my 2003 camry with the immobilizer. changed the ecu because temperature gauge always stood at the half ways mark even when cold and wouldn't let me car start. put a different ecu now I have to set up the immobilizer system. I'll let you know if it works. don't feel like paying a dealer or locksmith so let's see if this works. have my wire with fuse. I'll let yall know if it works. if it doesn't I think locksmith it is

  7. i swaped the ecu on my 2005 toyota corolla and wont start, maked the bridge bethween pins 5 and 13, wait 30 minutes and the engine starts whitout problem, leave it running about 10 minutes until learn de idle, now the car runs very good and see very reliable, thanks from Paraguay

  8. I swap the ecu at my Toyota Celica 2001 how can I program the immobiliser ? I try with bridge and don't start and the immobilaser led blinking red ! I search information of my ecu and found that uses a chip called <<ic 900>> for immobilaser code !! Thank you

  9. Thanks brother! I just program the immobilized on 08 Scion TC it really help me out and save some money; otherwise I’d had to pay a locksmith guy. Thanks again.

  10. Idk if can help me but need help in my 02 civic ex 1.7 i change my ecu withe the same one but won't start need to bypass the eepromm

  11. Hi sir or ma'am, my car corolla 2005 has a code p0012, I replaced spark plugs, new battery, variable timing solenoid, new starter, camshaft sensor, but I found wire connect to variable timing solenoid has 7v power, so it could not turn the variable timing solenoid on, the engine get noise from the VV gear, when I press the gas pedal to 2 rpm or up, the engine no noise, I used to buy a ecu from junk yard, but when I put in, the engine won't start, so I put the old one in, could you help me solve the problem please, thank

  12. Hi thanks for your video! I just wondering if we can do the same process on toyota tundra 2007 v8 5.7, 4×4 any ideia plz ??? Thanks bruv

  13. Will this reprogram the existing computer? We've lost all three keys for the car and hope to program using new keys without paying a zillion dollars…

  14. It really is 4 and 13, not 5 and 13. It happens that 4 and 5 are linked together, tied to ground in most models, but if your car has not those two tied together, then 5 and 13 will not work. Anyway, the way you know it is working fine is if the lights in the dash start flashing randomly when you do this. And yes, this will work in most Toyota models from around 1999 to the present.

    More info here:

  15. I have a scion 2012 same ecu like you I'll do the same and don't work on me just have a engine light sound on the throtle position

  16. I replaced my ECU with the used one for my Toyota Tarago 2007 V6 and it work following your instruction. Thank you very much for your video.

  17. Boss I am your big fan and always watching your videos sply electrical videos….. My name is Siddiqui and 35 yeas old and I am Auto technician but try to learn Mach more… Sply from your videos. thank you so much godblasyou

  18. most videos describe the same procedure but with pins 4 and 13. I followed that procedure on toyota yaris 2005 and it did not work. I wonder if using pins 15 and 5 should work.

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