How to Program a Drone Delivery with Waypoints – Phantom 4

So I’m headed out to fly drones with my
buddy Jared. He’s a big YouTuber who lives close by me and has one of those new Phantom
4s. I’ve had a Phantom 2 since about when they came out. And it’s been pretty fun
to fly. I’m not as good as I wish I was…I don’t know everything there is to know,
I mean, matter of fact last time I flew a drone this happened… [classical piano music] [Brutal crash] [painful silence] So I might not be the
best flier of drones but this guy, Jared, he’s pretty good. (Jared) I’ve flown once
or twice, so. (Zack) He’s going to teach us today how to deliver something special.
What are we doing? (Jared) So I have a little gift for my wife and we’re going to use
some of the drone’s special features to deliver it directly to our house. (Zack) Alright,
let’s get started. (Jared) Let’s do it. So we’ve got the DJI Phantom 4, the remote,
and the little gift in the bag here. The Phantom has a pretty unique system called waypoints
where you can actually control a set pattern, they call it a mission, where you tell it
where to go, how high, how fast. And we’re going to set up those different waypoints
to direct the drone where to go and drop off the gift. And you do it all through the remote
control on the ipad. It’s really easy; you just hit a couple buttons as you fly the drone.
It’s probably one of my favorite features on here. (Zack) So right now we have the Phantom
4 turned on and what’s going on here? How do we set up those waypoints? (Jared) So this
is like the main screen that you see at the beginning when you’re about to take off,
and obviously we’re not taking off yet, but that button right there, that will take
you into different fly modes that you can go through. We’re going to go to “intelligent”
and then “waypoints”. Now obviously we’re not in the air just yet, but that’s the
path that you would take. And we’re going to take off right now so we can show you a
little further. Just as simple as “slide” to take off. There you go. Now again to get
back into the waypoints we’re going to hit the different fly modes, “intelligent”,
“waypoints”. We have a…they call them Missions, and so we’re going to tap “new
mission” and it’s going to give us a few different options here. We can see how many
waypoints we have, the total distance of the mission, delete the waypoint, and record the
waypoint. Now you see C2 and C1, those are actually going to be the buttons on the back
here. C1 and C2. So it’s really easy to fly and record at the same time. So I’m
going to hit my first button here. I just recorded that one waypoint there. I’m going
to fly forward at least 25 feet and I’m going to hit record again. And I can fly wherever
I want now as long as I fly 25 feet away from the previous one and I’m 9 feet high in
the air, it’ll be able to record the waypoint. (Zack) So Jared, is there a limit on how far
away you can set these waypoints? (Jared) So I believe the max path link is 5,000 meters,
so I think that’s as long as your mission can go. And the biggest radius is 500 meters,
there, that gives you your limits. And again you have to be 25 feet from the last point
and at least 3 meters high above the ground. So once you are done with your mission set
up there’s a few different options you have here. You can have it “Head to”: “Consistent
with recording”, “consistant with route”, or “free”. “Consistent with recording”
means that the drone will fly in the same way that you had flown it, whether it’s
turned or anything else when you created the waypoint. “Consistent with route” means
it’s going to point to the direction of the next waypoint. And “free” means you
can, like, yaw the drone throughout the waypoints. When you’re done with the mission you can
have two options: you can have it hover where it ends or you can have it return to the starting
point of the very beginning when you flew off, the home point. And you can also adjust
your speed from very low, all the way up to 5 meters per second. Once you’re all ready
to go hit “apply” and then you’re good to go. (Zack) So right now it’s uploading
those waypoints that we just set to the drone. Is it actually starting the mission right
now? (Jared) It’s starting. It’s going to the very first point and once it gets there
it’s going to start its mission. (Zack) Cool. (Jared) So now it’s starting. (Zack)
So when you set the waypoint it’s setting how high the drone is and the location, like
where it’s facing and stuff. (Jared) Exactly, yeah. Now if I was pitched or yawed a different
way, I have it set to “consistent with the recording”, so it’s doing the exact same
thing that I did on the drone. If it was a different point, it would point to it as it’s
flying too. So there are different settings that you can have to get different looks as
you’re flying the drone. We’re going to make it go a little faster. (Zack) Alright
Jared, so now that we’ve learned what waypoints are, how to set them up, I think it’s time
that we actually set up this mission for the delivery. (Jared) I think we should too. I
think my wife is ready to receive this gift and I’m ready to give it to her. (Zack)
Ok, let’s do it. So right now what we’re hoping to accomplish is Jared wants to deliver
this gift to his wife without actually having to fly the drone to her. So we’re going
to use the automated system to take the gift, fly it up into the air, all while no one is
controlling the drone. And then drop it off on his front door step where his wife will
be waiting for it. Let’s see what happens. So we’re flying the actual route right now
that the drone is going to fly autonomously by itself. So we started way down there at
the end of the street, we’re going to fly the drone around this round-about, and then
up the street over there all the way to his front step. And the drone will follow each
waypoint as we set it. (Jared) So this is probably the trickiest part of the whole thing.
We’re right by the town homes that we live and we’re trying to navigate through all
of the trees and brushes and everything…make it look cool while staying safe. So we’re
down the driveway but we’ve got to go that way. (Zack) It looks like we’ve got 20 waypoints
set up already. (Jared) Yes, and we’re at a distance of 242 meters so we’ve got plenty
of room to go. (Zack) You said it went up to 5,000 or something? (Jared) 5,000 length,
yeah. So the biggest thing is getting around that corner with the waypoints. So I’m going
to go down here a little further. Now you can see here, this waypoint is too close to
the one I previously just did, within 5 meters. So I’ve got to go this way a little bit.
So it gives you a little warning: “waypoint altitude is below 32 feet. Maintain a steady
speed and fly with caution.” So basically it’s saying, don’t be an idiot. So Jared’s
lining up those final waypoints; making sure that the camera’s positioned right towards
the front door. That way when he delivers the package, the camera will be focused on
his wife, and positioning it so the package will be ready for her to grab. (Zack) Alright
Jared, do you think it’s going to make it? (Jared) I’m hoping it does. We’ve set
it up to do so. So I think with our powers combined we can make it work. (Zack) Alright.
So we’ve learned how to set waypoints, we’ve actually set the waypoints for this specific
mission. (Jared) Check. (Zack) What are the chances of this actually succeeding? (Jared)
You know I want to say that we’ve got at least an 85% chance of this going through
exactly how I want it to. I don’t doubt the drone’s going to go through and pick
the right way and everything. I think that that drone’s going to make it just fine.
Where I have a little hesitation is in the actual package, if that’s going to hit like
a tree or something I don’t know. But I’m so excited to see. I’m very anxious and
I think it’s going to do well, but there’s a small chance of something terrible happening.
(Zack) Hopefully you don’t hit any kids or trees. (Jared) Right! Exactly! (Zack) Alright,
so if you want to watch the actual drone delivery for the very first time that we’ve ever
attempted this, go ahead and click this link in the center. I’ll also put a card in the
top corner and in the video description if you’re on mobile you can go find it there.
I’m looking forward to it. (Jared) It’s going to be awesome. (Zack) Thanks a ton for
watching. Hope to see you around.

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  7. with this app you can set waypoint before you have to actually fly the mission. This app has been made in collaboration with DJI.

  8. with this app you can set waypoint before you have to actually fly the mission. This app has been made in collaboration with DJI.

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