How to play Video files/Mp4 files in Web browser ?

Hello friends Today we are goanna see how to play any media file (.MP4) using your Browser we won’t require any media player like VLC or KM player to play videos anymore cheers 🙂 So lets see how to do it. There is one video that i already loaded is there I am just closing it I am Opening new tab in my browser. And I am selecting a video file So one video file and a broswer tab is ready I am using Google chrome. You can use any browser Just click and drag the video file into your browser Are you hearing the music? so thanks for watching try it and enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “How to play Video files/Mp4 files in Web browser ?

  1. thank you gamer this is a very great tuttorial it helped me big long time and i watch big bollywood movie 2018 how to download free long live india

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