How to navigate the Sony | Headphones Connect app

Welcome to the
Sony Headphones Connect app, which you can download
from Google Play or the App Store. For initial setup, open the app
and follow the instructions on screen. You have now arrived at your ‘dashboard’. You will be notified with a
software update when you open the app or a banner like this will appear, where you can complete
an update to get the latest features. To check if you have the latest
firmware update installed, click here, then on the model version. This will display what version you have. ‘Adaptive Sound Control’ adjusts the noise-
cancelling performance of your headphones, based on your movements. To turn
‘Adaptive Sound Control’ on, click here. This will show one
of four action presets: ‘Staying’, ‘Walking’,
‘Running’ or ‘Transport’. They are automatically detected
in line with what you are doing. You can edit each of the four
presets to your desired volume or mode of ambient sound – just click here. Checking the ‘Focus on Voice’
box will suppress your music so you can hear important
announcements and people’s voices. Do note: when you’re running or walking
and you come to a halt at a traffic light, the action status won’t
switch to ‘Staying’ straight away. It will only change if you
stand still for several seconds. Press ‘Done’ once you’re
happy with your presets. If you have
‘Adaptive Sound Control’ switched off, you can still adjust your
ambient sound settings manually. For instance, you may want to block
out the noise of a crying baby on a flight or focus on a
conversation with the air steward. With the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can customise sound
effects to suit your preferences. Set the surround effect
using the VPT function. This Virtual Phones Technology
produces a special acoustic effect, uniquely developed by Sony, to replicate
sound coming from different places. Swipe to experiment! Use the equalizer to set sound quality. Simply swipe and choose the best match
for the music genre you’re listening to. Edit any of the presets by clicking here. Adjust them to your liking or create your own
through the ‘custom’ feature. You can edit the ’CLEAR BASS’ volume too. When you increase the value,
your headphones will produce dynamic, deep bass without
distortion – even at high volume. Using the
‘Notification & Voice Guide’ feature, you can allow notifications and voice
guidance to be heard from the headphones, change the language,
or disable these settings altogether. Do note: the language
selection feature is only available on products released from 2019 onwards. There are lots more features available
on the Sony Headphones Connect app, so have a play and make the
most of your listening experience.

10 thoughts on “How to navigate the Sony | Headphones Connect app

  1. Ppl are really mad at u guys, no security Updates or android 10 in Nordic. Who cares about headset in this day and ages of threats.

  2. Dear sony, can please overhaul the UI of headphone n music app to a more intuitive.. it is been like that for years n kinda boring to look at.. just look at other brands..

  3. My old PHone Samsung Galaxy S4 ( ANdroid Lolipop 5.0 ) can't download : not compatible With This app !
    How to FIx it ? Please !

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