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hey what’s going on guys John here and
welcome to the non stop affiliate channel now in this little video I’m
gonna show you a cool little app that will literally pay you just to play
that’s all you have to do is play it you don’t have to invest no credit cards all
you do is download and attend and play a game and they literally pay you every
single day now if you’re new to my channel I just want to say go ahead and
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videos and cool little hack videos to show you how to get ahead in life and
how to make a few extra bucks so in today’s video I’m gonna show you this
cool app that will literally pay you just to play the app now the name of
that app is gonna be HQ trivia now the reason I can’t show you on my phone I do
have it on my phone is pick up my phone they don’t want to connect and actually
let me show you let me do a screen share and show it to you so it really does
suck I have to show you online guys so all you do is go ahead and grab your
phone go to your app store or your google play store you could do it from
any Android or iPhone that you have just go to your app store and look for HQ
trivia here’s the app right here and so this is what the app looks like it’s
called h2 trivia you can download it on any iPhone Android tablet it can’t be on
a computer obviously because it’s not letting me do it it does have to be on
an iPhone so once you go ahead and download it what you’re gonna have to do
is make an account all you do is go ahead and enter in your telephone number
they send you a code once you enter in that code it gives you instant access to
the game so how does this work how do you make money playing this game
thousands of players from all over the country get to join in on this trivia
game it’s a trivia game asking you random
questions random trivia that you have to answer every day two games are played in
those two games there are 12 questions that you had to answer correctly if you
can make it to the end to answer all 12 questions you will win some money at the
end some real money that literally pays you but if you get
any wrong along those 12 questions you are automatically eliminated from the
game what should you lose all your chances to
any money so it is a little bit tricky and it is a little bit hard to make some
money but why not give it a try and see how smart you are see if you can make
some money with your wits because that’s really all you do guys just go ahead and
join in on the game you get as 12 questions every single player from all
over the nations gets asked 12 questions as each person starts to get a question
wrong they get eliminated the players that are left at the end get to split
the grand prize now depending on how many people played and how many people
made it to the end depends on how much money you’re gonna win for today so for
example if you make it to the end and you’re the last one left I think the
grand prize is $1,000 but usually with the amount of people that win and the
amount of people that are left at the end you only make about 10 bucks per
game now if you play two games a day if you play both those games everyone both
you could make an extra twenty bucks a day absolutely free no investments no
credit cards just an extra 20 bucks giving straight to your pocket just for
taking about 30 seconds out of your day to answer a few quick questions so like
I said this is a real easy way to make a few extra bucks if you have absolutely
no money to start with at all and that’s basically it guys just download the app
answer your questions like you can see over here and win some money now if you
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I hope you guys enjoyed hit that subscribe button hit that like button I
got a lot more great videos coming out guys so stick around I’ll see you on the
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