How To Make A Camp America Application Video

A video on your Camp America online
application is a great way to quickly get noticed by camp directors and to get
hired but it’s just so difficult Woah, woah, woah! I’m not having any of that! Oh really?! Well why don’t we check out your video application then, sunshine? Hi, I’m Jimmy Allen. I’m 21 years old, I’m applying for Camp America and this is what I do. Okay that was pretty dreadful but you know that was then, this is now. the most important thing is that I actually made a video and… well, it got me placed so you should definitely be making your own video and here’s some advice for how to do that For me personally I want to get all of
my thoughts and ideas out of my head and onto paper so as you can see from all of
these notepads here this is something I do for every single video I make so it just
allows me to get all my ideas out of my head I guess, and then
take a seat back, have a look at what I’ve thought of and then kind of just process
my idea from there. It all starts with an idea and once you’ve got that idea it’s simple from there on out. Idea. Film. Edit. Boom! First of all you’ll need to work
out where you’re gonna film are you gonna film in a static location kind of
like this setup or are you gonna film in your room maybe just like I did Or you can take the vlogging approach
and just film yourself out and about. That really depends though if you don’t
mind people looking at you talking to yourself. It’s very weird… It’s very millennial. There’s no right or wrong answer or no right or wrong way of doing it so it’s just really down to your personal choice just no matter what you do no
matter what your setting is make sure it at least looks nice and by that I mainly
mean, you know, tidy your room! Remember, this video could get you placed so here’s five tips to make sure that your video is gonna be perfect. If you can, use footage or pictures of you taking part in the skills on your application. Camp directors want to see you in action! Try not to make your video too long. Try and keep it short and snappy because as humans these days we’ve got a very short
attention span… So try and get your message across as quickly as you can but without rushing. You don’t need any fancy equipment to make this video. Using your smartphone for photos or for video will work perfectly but if you do use your
phone make sure you’re filming landscape, NOT portrait. Choose a good, appropriate song to put over your video. And if you want any copyright free music
check out Audio Library on YouTube. Double-check everything.
Once you think you’ve done with your edit go back to the beginning and watch
it all the way through. You want to be checking your sound levels making sure
that song in the background isn’t too loud and we can hear what you’re saying
as well as checking that you haven’t cut short any footage so making sure you’re
finishing your sentences and we’re seeing all the good footage of you doing
your activities. And once you’ve checked it once, check it again, check it another
time, and then for good luck just check it another time again. Hey! I’m talking to you! Oh… Sorry! To edit your video you can use iMovie on
a Mac or Windows Movie Maker on a PC. There’s even smartphone apps that can
edit video now. When you export your video you just need to make sure it’s no bigger than 200MB and is one of these file types. And then, you’re done! Your Camp placement awaits. Good luck!

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  1. I'd love for you to check out my application video and tell me what you think!

    It doesn't appear very high up in the search results but I do genuinely think it's a decent example for people to check out. I happened to get placed very quickly after posting it 🙂

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