How to Loop over Lists in Python

In this lecture, I’m gonna show you how
to loop over lists. So here we have a list of three items we can use our four
loops to loop over this list so for letter in letters : and then we print
each letter save the changes and run the code we get ABC now what if you want to
get the index of each item as well well we have a built-in function called
enumerate we call it here and this will return an enumerator object which is
iterable in each iteration this enumerate object will give us a tapa let
me show you so now when we run this code look in each iteration we’re getting a
topple so a topple as I told you before is like a list but it’s read-only we
cannot add new items to it so in each iteration we’re getting a topple of two
items the first item in this couple is the index and the second item is the
item at that index so now to get the index we can use square brackets to
access the first item in this topple so if we print letter of 0 we will get the
indexes and right next to that we can add letter of 1 so we will see the item
had a given index but this syntax is a little bit ugly
in the last lecture you’ll learn about list unpacking so if we have a list with
two items 0 and a we can unpack it into two variables like this index comma
letter equals items so here we are unpacking the items list now what if we
change square brackets to parenthesis now we have a topple and we can still
unpack this topple so you saw that this enumerate function returns an enumerate
object which is a durable in each iteration this enumerated object will
return a topple that looks like so we can unpack it right here so we add
another variable index now with this we no longer have to use square brackets
and we can simply print index and letter let’s run this code there you go
so now we don’t need this anymore so to recap you can use for loops to iterate
over lists if you also need the index you should call the enumerate function
this will return an enumerator object which is iterable in each iteration it
will return a topple and you can unpack that topple right here hi guys thank you for watching this
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  1. Whenever i open the terminal by ctrl+` i can't get back to the output. It repeatedly opens terminal i don't get any output. I installed code runner bt every time i press ctrl+alt+ n it says code is already running.. How to fix that??

  2. when i write the first list and make (alt + cuntol+e) i could not move to the second row with space in the second row but i move to the first

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