How To Link YouTube Videos To iTunes

Hi there, if you’re a musician or artist,
looking to link to your iTunes account to sell your music from your YouTube videos,
stay tuned and watch this video all the way to the end and I’ll show you exactly how.
Hi there, David Walsh here from, and in this video I’m gonna show you how you
can link to your iTunes account to sell your music from your YouTube videos.
Now, I’ve got a question from Lea Taylor in Australia and he asks “Hi David, please help.
I’m wanting to add my album art cover next to my iTunes link that is shown on my description
box, bellow my video. How do I go about applying this? I’ve seen other artists videos here,
on YouTube, that have shown the album cover and was wanting to do the same. Many thanks
in advance. Cheers, Lea.” Well, Lea and other artists and musicians
out there, it’s good news- bad news time. The bad news is that a number of record companies
have actually done a deal with YouTube, so that they can get their album covers on the
description underneath the video. But, good news time is that there is a method
you can use to get links from your YouTube videos directly to your iTunes account, which
will help you get more sales of your music on iTunes. So, I’m gonna go over to the computer
now, to show you exactly how you can do that. Ok, so, I’m in a test account and I’m in the
‘Video Manager’. So, what I need to do is to go to one of my videos, then from the dropdown
select ‘Annotations’. So, just gonna stop this. Ok, so, what we need to do is to add
an annotation to our video. There is no way we can get it within the description
apart from putting the link in directly, but we can get that little icon. But what we can
do is set up an annotation within the video itself to link directly from the video to
our iTunes account. So, when you’re in your video, click on ‘Add
Annotation’. Now you can select anyone of these that you want. For the sake of this
demonstration I’m going to select a ‘Note’. So, I’m just gonna put my little ‘Note’ here
and I’m gonna to drag it across like this. Ok, and I’m just gonna put in, I’m just gonna
drag it across here, so I have the full length of the video as well. And I’m just gonna put
in my ‘Note’, click here, take it down low from iTunes. iTunes. So, there we go.
So, click here to download from iTunes, gonna change the font a little bit, make the background
red and change this to black. Ok, so that is our annotation.
So, from the links, we check on link, and from the dropdown here, we want to select
‘Merge’. Or if you would just wanna add the URL, you can do that and it will select ‘Merge’
by itself. So, here I am in Leas actual iTunes account.
So, I’m going to just select his URL, just copy this, go back here, paste in here and
that’s simply it. That’s all you need to do to set up a link from your video to your iTunes
account. So, just click on ‘Save’, then publish this.
And if we open up a new tab, here is the video, and here is our link to iTunes. If we click
on this, there we go, we can see Leas iTunes account has appeared now in a new window.
So, there you go Leo and any other artists, musicians out there, that is how you can get
links from your YouTube videos to your iTunes account. And as you can see, this is a very
little known and underused trick that you can use on your videos. And as you can see
is a very unknown way to do so. Now, if you do have a question about this
topic or anything on YouTube just stick it on the comments bellow and I’ll do what I
can to help you get that answered. As always, subscribe to the channel and get
more videos every week to help you with your YouTube views and get more subscribers on
your channel. Like, share and favour this video and even
if you don’t have a question and just wanna leave a comment, feel free to just stick it
below and I would really appreciate it. Thank you once again, hope you’ve enjoyed watching
this video as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it for you. My name is David Walsh and I’ll
look forward to seeing you again in another video soon.

76 thoughts on “How To Link YouTube Videos To iTunes

  1. Another great video, Dave! Thanks for sharing!

    Is this something that can be applied to Paypal as well, with a link going directly to Paypal, perhaps for a donation?



  2. Hey David
    quick question
    i made a channel for a customer and he upload some videos , etc.
    also i put in the website we made a adsense box to get some money from it and i monetize his youtube channel too.
    the weird thing is that i have many views and has no money into his channel nt even one cent. I have watch few of his videos and i see the ads and i let them run.
    still nothing.
    any idea?

    thxs for your time

  3. Hello David,
    thankyou so much for your help, it has been a great help and will put this information in front of people if they wont to know how to get hold of my song's.
    all the best,
    Cheer's Lea Taylor.

  4. Hi david i was wandering if i should start a social media account for my channel. I dont have many subscribers and dont know if this will be a waist with only few subscribers?

  5. Hey David, We're trying to set this up on our account but we dont have the option to like to merch? We only have an option to link to video, playlist, channel, subscribe and fundraising projects?

  6. hi there how can you get the buy from itunes link in the description such as this video
    please reply thanks advanced
    w,w,w,.,y,o,u,t,u,b,e,.,c,o,m,/,w,a,t,c,h,?,v,=,w,D,R,B,v,s,3,y,c-U remove all the commas please
    theres is a part in the description that says Buy "With a Spirit" on itunes and e music

  7. I have the exact same problem (don't have the Merch option). I think I have enabled everything? How could I check though?

  8. you say that they made a deal with youtube, however I've seen people do a cover of a song, and then thy place a link to the itunes account (with the album art) below the video next to the description. Now unless random people are making deals with youtube for someone elses songs, there is a way to put it on there. here is an example of what I'm talking about:

    Travis Haren – Mocking Bird Remix – Eminem

  9. Hi David, I have a problem.. can't add de URL because the "link list" doesn't show me the "merch" option, it only shows: video, playlist, channel, google+, subscribe and fundraising proyect… and that's all :/ 
    Note: My account settings are on spanish I'm from México, I don't know if that change the way it works… But I don't think so.
    I hope you can answer, thank you.

  10. This set of instructions no longer work, unless my account is not allowing me to have a "Merch" option in annotations. Is there something I need to do to get "Merch" as an option?

  11. How do I put a song purchased from iTunes in the video?
    I editing gopro videos in gopro app, and insert purchased music from iTunes.
    After i upload video in youtube. how can i show to youtube that i bought the song?

    P.s I don`t hava a "merch"


  12. It seems that YouTube has changed what you can link to. I only have options to link to other videos, playlists, G+ profiles and fundraising pages.

    Scrap that – needed to verify and enable external links….what a faff

  13. For some reason it won't let me upload a link to iTunes, only lets me post a link to some other google/youtube link so not an option to get it to Merch! Suggestions? Perhaps there are changes since you created this last July?

  14. Hi Mr.David
       I just simply want to know how to connect iTunes on youtube to have more background musics or songs into my video/s..Could you help me?


  16. Hi David, I would like to post iTunes links for 2 territories (as the music will be licensed in North America to another company) so that all consumers get the correct link (ie. 1st link – Rest of the World ; 2nd link – North America only) is this possible?

  17. Brother, how to provide itunes link in youtubes description box
    Music         "Recitation 3" by Mishary Rashid Alafasy (iTunes) 
    Category      Education
    License        Standard YouTube License

  18. Hi @David WalshOnline I want to do that but I don't have the Merch option on my youtube, What can I do to have that option. Thanks for your good videos and please let me know

  19. As far as I can see this can't be done in the UK or Ireland as you have to use companies like Ditto music to upload music to your itunes page for you due to U.S tax laws. How am I supposed to upload verification HTML to a site that I can't access? And even if I could access my itunes account how am I supposed to upload a file to it? Any help would be much appreciated David.

  20. I just subscribed to you and I don't have that merch button either…there is
    Google +profile/page
    crowdfunding project
    I am over 18 and working from within my channel. Followed everything you said up until that point.
    Looking for some help.

  21. Hi David. Won't this annotation interrupt the Ads which come up on the video? Ours are set to monetize. Thanks

  22. I want to put a link of the description of my video that will allow my viewers to download a single audio file. It should be noted that I do not make my music for a profit. Is this a thing you can do? If so, how?

  23. very informative .. i want to make dance choreography video so how I can use Bollywood songs so many dance channel i saw in description box this .(Last Music row only)

    Category -Entertainment
    Licence- Standard YouTube Licence
    Music- "Mercy" by Badshah (iTunes)

  24. Hey, great video. Explained very nicely. One question I have is my account reads unable when I want to put a link in my video using end screen/annotations or cards. Any thoughts on making the link become enable. Thanks again, and keep up the great work.

  25. Please make a video that how to make a lyrical video with permission from iTunes and upload it to YouTube….plz plz plz tell

  26. How would you download a music video from youtube to an iPod touch, preferably to play in a playlist of music videos that will play one after another without having to keep clicking on it?

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