How to Leave a Rating & Review on iTunes with iPhone

Hey Guys Anthony Tran here and in this short
video I’m going to show you how to provide a rating and review on itunes if you have
an iPhone device. Let’s check it out. Okay in order to access the podcast you need to
go to the iTunes Store. So go ahead and click on that. From here you’re going to go ahead
and click on the search button below… and then you’re going to type in Marketing Access
Pass. Once you’re done with that go ahead and click the search button. From here you’re
going to see that there’s all these podcasts are available. These are individual episodes
you want to go down and scroll down to where the podcasts it self is. Go ahead and click
on the podcast icon, and if you haven’t already downloaded the podcast app it’s going to ask
you if you want to upload it…. so go ahead and click view app. So from here if you could
just download it real quick and if you don’t want to keep it you can always delete it afterwards.
Okay so it’s just going to take a few seconds to download, so we will go ahead and wait
for that. Okay great now that’s it uploaded we are going to click on the Podcast App icon
and you’re going to go ahead and click on the get started and then you’re going to go
ahead and search for my podcast. Now I’ve already downloaded this, but just in case
you haven’t you would just go ahead in the search box and type in Marketing Access Pass,
click search. Okay so once again you’re going to see this similar screen you want to click
on the podcast icon on the bottom left corner, and then from here you can do a couple things
you can click on the subscribe button so that way you’ll never miss an episode, and right
in the middle, there is a button that says reviews, go ahead and click on that and as
you can see there is a menu that says write a review go ahead and click on that. From
here it’s going to ask you to log in with your iTunes store ID. So please do that. So
from here you could just select a star rating at the top. You would put the title of what
you would want to put on the comments and then you could just write a few sentences
even a simple thank you would be awesome and then once you do that go ahead and click send.
And that’s really all there is to it. I just want to emphasize this is really important
for the marketing access pass show and you could really support us by providing a rating
and review and I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I really
appreciate it. Alright guys have a nice day! Marketing Access Pass.

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