How to install ATQuickset Software for the ATEQ Quickset TPMS reset tool

How to install ATQuickset software for the ATEQ Quickset tool Insert the installation CD into your PC. If you do not have the CD that came with the tool, Go to, then go to the support section of the website to find the Quickset tool and download the software right from the website. After the software has been installed select run. Once the software loads, click “install software” and follow the guided screens. If an error message appears asking if you want to install the software, select “Yes”. After the software installation has completed, select “Finish”. A window will appear to install the remaining software. Select “next” to install it and follow the guided screens. A window will appear to install the drivers on your PC, select “next”, then select “finish” to complete the process. The software is now installed the ATQuickset software is available as an icon on your desktop. Watch our video how to use the ATEQ Quickset on our website, YouTube channel, or any of our social media channels. Thanks for watching, for more information about ATEQ TPMS tool solutions, please visit us at

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