How to Increase App Downloads up to 700% 🔥 | How App Store Localization Help Us?

hello everyone my name is Igor I’m a
mobile marketing manager for and today I want to talk to you about
the importance of localization what localization can do for your mobile
application the power of it of course I’m going to show you some examples in
the video with real numbers and I’m gonna leave a really cool spreadsheet
with a lot of valuable information I’m going to show you exactly how to use it
in this video and I’m gonna leave the link below so you can use it as well and
basically localization it’s a really really powerful tool for mobile apps so you could get in some downloads and let’s say the result is pretty good you
want to get more downloads you want to reach more users and increase your user
base so most of the developers or companies will go for paid acquisition
they will go to Apple search ads or Google ads or whatever any other paid
acquisition channels set up the campaign there and start to see the CPI optimize
it and try to get the most of the paid campaigns most of the times it’s not the
only thing you can do and not that it’s the only thing you can do there is other
things you can do that can give you even better results that paid acquisition and
I’m talking here about localization so basically localization its meaning
that you optimize your app for a specific country so most of the people and most
of the users still don’t speak English in the world and they prefer that the
app will be in their own language so if we cannot localize the app itself you
can optimize the store distinct it will not take that much time and it’s
probably will be easier than optimizing the app itself and it can give you a
huge boost in downloads and help you reach much more users so let’s
see a cool table that I was talking about your cool
spreadsheet table that have all this information here so it can give you an
idea of exactly what I’m talking about so for example if you want to reach more
users and we can see here that in China we have much more users than for example in the US and in India it goes the same so here you can see in the percentage
between the Android and iOS users and get an idea of what we are talking about
you’re exactly so the millions of hundred users millions of iOS users in
China most of them prefer everything in their own language same goals for India
Brazil Russia Japan Indonesia all of those countries if you want to reach
these people you better speak in their own language that they can understand so we are talking about millions of potential users that you’re not really
reaching to them because if your competition made localization that’s it
he have an edge on you and it’s pretty simple it’s pretty not much you can do
if you’re not you localizing you can pay for the campaigns but you will not
reach the organic traffic that you might get so missing and a lot of organic
traffic before you going to the paid think about how you can optimize your
organic traffic and organic downloads it’s really important most of developers
tend to overlook in this and forget about the potential of the organic and
real user database Google works amazingly and iOS works amazingly if
you’re doing the right so following the right guidelines doing
the right tactics you can get a lot of rankings for high-volume keywords and
this will bring a lot of traffic for your app so after I show you this
spreadsheet it’s pretty simple to understand as we see here we have the
percentage of Android and iOS users the numbers of Android and iOS users in
every country so it’s a really cool tool that can give you an idea very one and
localized where you want to go with your app and when I’m talking about
localization what exactly do I mean store listing so it’s everything if you
have some writings in your icon this you should localize as well you should
localize your icon and for example if you’re localizing for Germany so the
writing should be in German the title and the subtitle of the short
description the long description everything the keywords everything
should be in this language the screenshots the writing on the
screenshot everything in the language of the country we want to localize for so
after we covered this part about localization what it can do for your app
and what is it what it means exactly to localize your app I want to show you
some examples from the projects that we are working on for example here some
game that we worked on and I was already we can see got some good amount of
downloads from Brazil okay I’m showing you only Brazil right now it’s getting
much more downloads even from other countries but we’ll focus on Brazil
currently and after we’ve made an optimization for Brazil we can see here
it’s continuing to increase and getting more good ranking for strategic keywords
and from 2000 downloads we are getting close to 8,000 downloads
and it’s keep on growing so and it’s all organic traffic amazing another example
here we can see that huge spike in all countries so we made here a pack of 10
languages 10 localizations and all the countries increased so basically if
you’re getting stronger in some new countries the Google algorithm will know
and it will give you a overall boost for your mobile application or game so it’s
something that as you see here statistics never lie and first example
same goes for here when you make the localization they’re continuing to grow
all the time how do how we can make and find the right things to localize for so
let’s say here if I go to acquisition reports I can see that we are getting
much more organic traffic from the search then even the paid campaigns know so much more traffic and good conversion rate if I click on the search I can see
here what people are searching for to find our app so this key phrase in
Portuguese and this in Spanish I will localize for
with those key phrases for those specific countries so we can see even
the retention rate is very high after 15 days more than 30 percent of users
it’s amazing results and it’s all organic everything is coming from the
search page with huge conversion rates even can see by country and we can see
that most of the countries have close to 50% of conversion it’s amazing and it’s
really good result we can always optimize after we make the localization
we can see in keyword tool such as AppTweaks what is exactly happening what is
the ranking that we’re getting new key phrases that we are getting and
implement them in the next update so this is a very powerful tool for any
developer or company we want to promote in which wider our audience whether user
base and basically get more downloads this is what we are all looking for in
the end and localization is amazing for this so we in AskTolik, we know about
this for a long time we have our own projects and we are helping our clients
to get through this amazing results and we have a team of 19. Nineteen localization experts there everybody are native in their own language so if you have
somebody who’s localizing for Portuguese he’s from Brazil and he’s native in
Portuguese he exactly knows in his land that we might not know he knows how to
use the AppTweks tool, he knows how to research for the right keywords in his language
because we they all trained by us we know how to do it so and there are
native in their own language so if you need any localization services or
anything else that you might need regarding your mobile marketing some
consulting some ideas you’re stuck with your app, you want to get more downloads you just launch your app we will be happy to help
you I will leave all the links below in the comments and in the description for
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day everyone!

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