How to Improve Performance & FPS in Elgato Game Capture HD – Software Tutorial

My name is EposVox and today I’ll be discussing
some tips and tricks for improving your recording and streaming performance in the Elgato Game
Capture HD software. I will have other tutorials on Elgato’s
capture cards and a plethora of other technology topics on my channel, so be sure to subscribe
if you find this video helpful, and check the YouTube card above or description below
for a playlist with my other Elgato Gaming-related videos. While game recording and streaming is becoming
more mainstream than it has ever been, not everyone has a super powerful gaming or broadcasting-capable
computer. Elgato’s USB capture devices are designed
to work with most computers – but if your computer is struggling to keep up with the
recording or streaming process, you will need to make some compromises with the settings
and features of the software. Let’s take a look at some tips to get the
most performance out of the Game Capture HD software. Let’s start with the basics. Close anything that you don’t need open
on your computer besides the Game Capture HD software. Heavy programs running in the background can
heavily impact your recording or streaming performance. Bulky antivirus suites may need to be temporarily
disabled while you’re recording or streaming, as well. Also, make sure your computer is up to date. Check Windows (or Mac) updates, of course,
but also make sure your graphics drivers are up to date. These can help quite a bit with recording
performance. If you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card,
both companies provide easy driver updating tools and I will link both in the description
below. If you just have basic integrated graphics,
or you’re not sure, you’ll need to look to your computer’s manufacturer’s support
page for update driver information. These are all generally pretty basic installers
that are easy to deal with. If you have a dedicated graphics card in your
computer, using it for the Elgato video encoding and decoding could get drastically better
performance on your machine. To see if this is an option for you, click
the settings gear in the very top right-hand corner of the software and click the “Advanced”
tab. Here you have two drop-down menus and a slider. For the “Decoder” and “Encoder” drop-downs,
see if you can choose something other than “Software.” For example, I can choose my Nvidia GTX 1080
graphics card for the encoding and decoding processes – which will perform much better
than the “Software” mode that only uses the CPU. If you cannot choose something other than
“Software” or this doesn’t entirely fix your problem, you can use the slider to
find a sweet spot between getting the best performance out of the software and the highest
quality recording. This should be the first thing you knock down
before we mess with other settings. Elgato’s “Flashback Recording” and “Stream
Command” tools are extremely powerful tools to enhance your streaming and recording experience
– but this also means they require a lot of horsepower to use. Disabling these can also improve performance
on your computer. To do so, click the settings gear in the top
right of the software and uncheck “Enable Flashback Recording” and/or “Enable Stream
Command” and hit OK. Depending on where the bottleneck is in your
system, you may only need to disable one of these, but definitely try disabling them. One final way to help improve performance
in the Elgato Game Capture HD software is to lower the recording bit rate, the video
resolution, and video frame rate of your recordings. While on the “Capture” tab of the software,
click the settings gear in the “Device” box, below the name of your device. Mine says “Game Capture HD60 Pro,” but
yours may differ. The settings here will be the same for everyone,
however. The “Profile” and “Quality” settings
are what you will need to play with. To lower resolution, change the drop-down
menu from “HD 1080” to “HD 720” for 720p, or “Standard” for 480p. If you want to switch to only recording 30
FPS gameplay and have one of the “HD” profiles selected, simply uncheck “Allow
60 FPS.” I recommend playing with resolution and bit
rate first, however – as many slower machines can handle 720p 60fps just fine, despite struggling
with 1080p 60fps. The “Quality” slider adjusts the recording
bit rate, or bandwidth. This is how much data is recording per second
of footage. The closer to “Good” you slide, the better
performance you could see, but at the sacrifice of image cleanness. Play with these settings and find a sweet
spot that works for you. I hope this video has been helpful for you. If it has, High Noon that Like button, get
subscribed for more awesome tech videos, and check out the description below. There, I have a link to the playlist with
all of my Elgato Gaming tutorials and reviews. Check them out! 🙂 I also have product links to each Elgato
card, if you’re looking to buy. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you in
the next one.

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  1. In this video, I show you how to improve performance and stability, and prevent FPS loss in the Elgato Game Capture HD software to get the most out of your recording and streaming experience.

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  2. So I've always been confused. A lot of people on YouTube recommend recording your game in 1080p60 but a lot of games on console only run in 1080p30. My PC can handle 1080p60 but the main game I play only runs on Xbox one in 1080p30 which is GTA 5. So being that I can handle 1080p60 but the game itself only runs in 1080p30, what do I record and render in that case, 1080p60 or 1080p30

  3. Can someone answer me why people think it's a good idea to install anti malware software? Literally just don't download anything from shady websites, or just use virus total.

  4. With the Elgato HD60 Pro, do you need to plugin a HDMI monitor into the output port or will it still capture with just the input plugged in? I'm looking to just use it to capture straight to the software whilst my GTX980 outputs to the three monitors.

  5. I have to say, your system tray gives me anxiety. Anything more than about 5-6 icons total, and I start losing my cool. My office computer has 3 icons total, counting the volume. lol 🙂

  6. If I am using OBS to record, will adjusting settings in GameCapture affect anything in OBS?  My recordings have not been as good as I'd liked, and I think this has to do with the Elgato, as my webcam seems to do a decent job (but that may be due to it having a smaller footprint on my scene in OBS).  Do you have any videos about OBS Set ups?

  7. should i buy a good cpu intel or 1080 gtx? pls answer
    i want to record my pc what should i get first

  8. well this explains my FPS loss. video codec was running on my Onboard chipset instead of my 1080. makes a world of sense now.

  9. I have good setup. I think not the best but a good stable one.
    Without streaming I can run most games on ultra with very high fps and no laggs. But while livestreaming the streaming quality is very bad. I can run the stream with max settings in game, 5mbits and best elgato settings with 60 fps. I have a GTX 980ti / i7 3960k 6x 3,2ghz and 16 GB Ram. Is that setup to bad for streaming, because I can record without laggs. Please help

  10. this didnt help what so ever my elgato has slow video response when software is open and i have lagging video even tho i have dropped my setting to low im useing a fx 8350 cpu with a gtx 1050ti it should be runing nice and no one on youtube has up loaded a video to fix this problem and i got a error 408 and 404 when i tryed to log in to youtube with my elgato and no one has video on that i even messeged elagto them selfs and they told me some bullshit so if enyone wants to get a elgato dont bother just burn your money because thats what your doing buying this shit

  11. my elgato is giving my shitty resolution when recording. even tho its on 1080P and 60 frames per second it looks like 480-720 st like 20 frames per second

  12. Here's a tip of mine: Disable the expanded HDMI color range in this window: 4:00!!! It made my videos look weird and my CPU was constantly at 100% on my old computer. Also when recording make sure you start things in the following order: Start software, plug in Capture Card into your PC, wait till the software notices, plug in HDMI Out, plug in HDMI In. I managed to get way better performance that way.
    But another tip of mine if you have to go that far in order to record: Get a new computer. Seriously, it'll save you a lot of nerves.

  13. Hi, dude. I'm using an integrated graphics on my HP laptop what's the best encoder and decoder to use, the one built in so Intel or the software?

  14. Hey man, when I play Fortnite and stream at the same time. I get 60FPS for my game, which is really smooth, but then drops to 30FPS 5 seconds later. This keeps happening, so from, 60 to 30 to 60 to 30, and it keeps going on like that. How can I fix this problem. Please help me, I'm trying to stream, everything is good, but this is the only problem stopping me from streaming properly. I'm pretty sure my laptop can handle it because I get 60fps, but I don't know why it drops in between.

  15. I have a higher end PC, and NONE of these sliders get rid of the low frame rate warning. I can record at potato levels and it still won’t give me more than 50 fps. Any ideas? It worked fine yesterday, and just doesn’t work now.

    It seems that disabling the preview works, but it still doesn’t make sense because my computer should be able to handle both, and it works with the preview enabled sometimes!

  16. Cool. Guess I can't be rendering another video in the background and streaming/recording at the same time. frame rate died at one part of my vid. Maybe I'll try to re-record it. Hope I have a good save. I am going to disable the stream command and flash recording just in case. Never really use it anyway.

  17. Any way i can get all of your mwr settings for HD60 Pro elgato? its the game i play and my capture card seems to keep up on picking the game up very bright on my console and not very bright on my monitor for my pc so they keep fighting one another when i find a sweet spot really want them both to just match any suggestions?

  18. I have never seen such clean COD MW Gameplay.. So this is what it must look like to play the game & not just watch some compilation or whatever… Gotta love that Elgato-Quality!

  19. I have 1 massive question that nobody seems to want to answer. First off, I have an extra PC that I am thinking about using as the stream PC. As of now, I stream AND game from the same PC. While NOT streaming I can pull about 140FPS in PUBG and other games. However, when I start streaming, my FPS drops to around 40 to 90FPS max!! Will a 2nd PC used as the streaming PC with an ElGato HD60 Pro, in fact relieve that stress on the GAMING PC and return my game to full FPS, or will it just be a waste of money. Also, will I in fact have to purchase a mixer board, or can I just use the Voicemeeter mixer download?? Thanks and have a great day and hope to hear from you soon.

  20. So I am having issues exporting my elgato videos from my editing software Filmora to YouTube. I only have 4 upload options, compared to other channels I've seen several. I'm using a Asus X450JF laptop. When I export the videos to YouTube, the resolution isnt full screen and gameplay is fuzzy. Any advice would be appreciated.

  21. Your video is wrong at the end. The elgato card has an internal h264 encoder so it doesnt matter what quality you chose. It is done by the card, not your cpu.
    edit: The encoding is only done by elgato if you only record the input without any overlay and with their software.

  22. I have a MacBook Air 2018 brand new and I’m using a usb c to usb 3 adapter. Whenever I go into the elgato recorder on my Mac, I get a yellow triangle that shows my FPS around 15-25. Someone please help me!!! I’ve tried everything

  23. Video was very good and insightful, but still did not fix my issue, i have a gtx 1060 6gb and a I7 7700 hq in my pc, is this not good enough to run a smooth framerate i Keep getting 2 messages popping up, HDCP and around 30-40 fps with alot of stutter, any idea why this might be? Thanks for the video though

  24. So does the WiFi not matter that much. I’m using an Acer for recording my videos but when I go to my Sony Vegas to edit the videos I made the video usually skips a few parts I want in the video is the computer I’m using affect that?

  25. I have a Duel Core i5 on my Mac Mini. If I get a graphics card for it will that help with my framerate? I can already use 1080p, just can't use more than 30 fps

  26. You have to buy an external motherboard to replace your current one cuz elgato lied about the specs required to trick you into buying their shit

  27. I have done everything in this video to try help my problem but it has not worked, my problem is that I am trying to record rainbow six siege on PC with the HD60S but when I press record my in game FPS drops from 130 to an average of 20-30 FPS, I really need help fixing this so if anyone has a solution I would apricate if you could let me know, thanks 🙂

  28. @EposVox Hey so i have a rtx 2080, i7-8900k, and 500gb ssd, 1tb hdd. Im using a display port on a 4k 60hz monitor plugged into my 2080 to display my screen. (i know i need to get a 1080p 144hz) Im using the hdmi port on my graphics card to run the elgato software. However when i do this it brings down my fps terribly almost to where i cant play. I get 80-100 frames on rainbow six without the hdmi plugged in but as soon as i plug it in to my 2080,it brings me down to like 58 frames. So I tried plugging the hdmi port into my motherboard but then it doesnt detect anything. You know how to fix this?

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