How To Import/Transfer Music Or Videos Without iTunes Or Jailbreak To iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Hey guys this is Tanush from Tanush talks
tech and in this video ill be showing you guys how to import music, videos and movies
of any format to any device without using itunes or with the need of converting the
media before transferring it. So first of you will have to install an application
know as Waltr which will be there in the description below. Simply install it as you would any
other application. After you’re done installing it make sure
you have connected your idevice and open the appication, and it will take you through a
guide which will help you understand it better. When done watching it, it will prompt you
with a dialogue box asking you to close itunes. Go ahead and do that so that the transfer
process goes on smoothly. After closing it click on the plus sign and navigate to any
music file or video you want to transfer. As a demo I would transfer both an audio and
video file proving that it works. So ill quickly grab onto a music file and
ill click open. It will then show a dialogue box saying preparing to upload. That means
it has started to initiate the transfer. When done it’ll tell you that it was successfully
transferred. Now coming on to transfer of a video file I’ll go ahead and quickly grab
another one and transfer. The same process would again take place and when done it’ll
prompt me with a message. Now to show you that it was success I’ll quickly
jump into my videos and show you that the file named whats app was transferred and it
works perfectly. The music file Hotel California was also successfully transferred. So if this
video helped you out, hit that like button. Do share this with your friends and subscribe
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