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Yo how’s it going gamers and Android
users, this is a tutorial video about how to hide your apps on Android if
you’re an iOS user please wait because the iOS video is only coming soon
this is Gamers Inc. I am Pokepals Playz and I’ll be guiding you through this
tutorial. It’s gonna be useful I hope. Okay guys so today we’ll be checking out
this new application here called App hider so you know check this out this is
going to be one of the applications we’ll be using. So this application helps
you to hide applications obviously as it’s name suggests. So there you go
guys that’s what I’m gonna teach you. How to
get this amazing feature on your phone how to have apps hidden from others. There are many reasons why you want to hide apps from other people. The reasons
are to you. I kinda don’t want other people to access my Instagram or
anything so I usually just use that I actually found out just days ago I guess
I could say but anyway to download this I’d given the link in the description
down below and you could also what you could do is, sorry damn it anyway
sorry for that it’s just a little problem with my technical error I guess. What you need to
do is type in App hider. You don’t really need root or anything
sorry and as you can see this right there App hider-hide apps hide photos
multiple accounts hide apps no root that’s what you need to install. I have
already installed it so I’m not going to do it again.
It’s 7.19 MB so you can totally download it fast. So after you’ve done that, after
you installed it, it would actually… Let’s unprotect apps disable
it and also Okay it should actually look something
like this so if you see it just click it. Then you will actually get some
optimization and loading and stuff. Sorry It just auto focuses on its own really
am sorry, but yeah pretty much what you need to do is click that plus button to
add whatever whatever you need so that my Jio account that I’m not gonna do that
because I’m not stupid now I just I just really don’t want that
hidden but that’s really not needed and I can have my Whatsapp or my Smule. It’s not my Smule, it’s my sister’s anyway Yeah, I could have pretty much everything
hidden. Yeah I could in I didn’t think what you need to do is select what you
need to hide, then import app, then it will get imported and after that you
need to… There will be “Launch clone” instead of “Launch” there we launch clone
or “Hide”. Click “Hide” and then you’ll have to uninstall the application from the
phone and don’t have to worry about the fact that if it will you know get
deleted from your whole informational tablet. Nope. Because you can access it
from the hider so once you’ve actually imported every
file or application you have, you know you require to be hidden you can just
like this and like set a pin and then do whatever you can. So passwords I’m pretty sure you guys know what you need to do so I’m just gonna type in 9999 just
for the sake of the video and now get a f***ing calculator Oh yeah! There you go. This is a disguised
calculator the real one is right there and this is the fake one so click that
then enter your PIN your on your way you’re ready your app is hidden. Congratulations! You just learned how to hide an app so the next one is gonna be Malayalam
explanation for whatever I did right now so you can either just see once again
you know. If you don’t know Malayalam or you don’t really need, to you can just
see it once again to be thourough with it but if you don’t want to that’s fine you
can just skip over it doesn’t really matter but anyway if you are skipping
over or ending the video, thanks for watching guys I really appreciate it but
you just learned how to hide one application I will be coming up with the
iOS version this is the Android version

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