How to Go From Paper to Scanner to Tablet with Mobile Apps for SAP

Good Morning everybody. My name is Jay Eddinger with RFgen software. Thank
you for taking the time out of your busy day to spend some time with us. I don’t
think it’s going to take too long but we do have a presentation for you. I’d like
to talk with the little bit about RFgen software and how you can go from
paper scanners to tablets with our mobile
apps for SAP. What we’re going do today the agenda is really talks about the 8 challenges that most companies have and that require mobile data
collection to solve. We’ll talk about the advantages of
automation, automating various activities not only inside the four walls of the
warehouse but in the field. We’ll give you an overview on who is
RFgen as a company and our framework of our software then we’ll talk about some specifics you can
do inside the wireless warehouse for SAP. How we can do 24/7 operations
not only when SAP down but we we’re disconnected on a
mobile device out in the field and then throughout there we’ll talk
about some of our real-world results which are some of our SAP
customers and then at the end we’ll have a couple minutes for questions
and answers. So, I guess without further adieu we’ll go
ahead and get started here. Some of the 8 challenges that mobile data
collection solves. You know oftentimes company’s are growing
they have issues catching up with more work maybe you have to work with smaller margins
saying you have a need to be as efficient as possible. Oftentimes you could be dealing with
government regulations like we have one customer that’s FDA
regulated and they have to capture country of origin on everything coming in and out of their operations. Maybe you have traceability requirements,
field to fork, it’s the same in the consumable goods
market or industry. Maybe you have recall issues where you
need to track that particular lot down to the store
shelf instead recalling the whole particular item or run. Maybe you have customer service issues,
you want to improve inventory turnover, get product out to the customer quicker,
increase satisfaction and then again make sure it’s the correct
goods that you get out to that customer. Oftentimes the biggest one we see
is accuracy. If you want to improve your operations
improve the accuracy of the data flowing in and out of your ERP system from the shop floor
manufacturing out in the field, everyone knows you make better
decisions when you have better business data to rely on. And then value from IT. You have SAP so you can find better ways to
leverage that SAP investment and get the most out of it by streamlining operations as best as
you possibly can. So oftentimes when customers come to
us here at RFgen these are the challenges that they have
and RFgen can really help solve those challenges. The advantages of automation. Really when you implement a data
collection and by data collection I mean it could be a variety of different
operations. It can be inside the four walls for inventory
management, manufacturing, distribution, pick-pack-ship, or back-office time and attendance things.
But it can also be out in the field. We have really endless mobile worker possibilities with
RFgen. The basic thing you get with data collection
or barcoding is you eliminate those manual processes.
Those error processes? They go away. We’re going to streamline
operations as much as possible, take a lot of thinking out of it for
the end users, and really just have them scan and move,
scan and move. What that does is increases the accuracy of everything
flowing into SAP because it’s going to be validated
against SAP as it’s being collected and then it increases employee productivity.
Oftentimes with data collection or simple bar coding inside the warehouse you get up to a 30% increase in your
employee productivity. And really that real-time data validation
processing against SAP is very crucial in certain activities
throughout the warehouse. Picking is a big one. You want to make sure
you pick the right product, want to make sure you sure you pick it as quick as possible and really get that product out. The unique thing about RFgen is we have
the ability to provide any type of mobile data collection
solution against SAP. That can be a complete real-time solution so real-time sub-second responses back
and forth between SAP and the end user. It can be a connect-
on-demand solution out in the field over cellular networks GPRS/3G/4G networks or can be a batch solution, a hybrid
solution of batch – completely offline solution that can be
either cradled or connected or downloaded/uploaded when
you walk back into like a wifi hotspot. So really the advantages of automation is
to get rid of those manual processes, improve your accuracy, increase employee
productivity, and you can do this in a variety of different
ways whether it’s inside the four walls of your warehouse or outside or it can be done on a variety
of different connectivity scenarios. I’m going to go to a… We’ll talk a little bit more about those
connectivity scenarios in a moment but I want to start with an overview who we are as
RFgen Software. RFgen Software has been around for
going on 30 years We’ve always been in this industry
as mobile data collection consultants right? It’s 100%
our focus. We have solutions, certified solutions not only for SAP but Oracle E-Business Suite, JD
Edwards Microsoft Dynamics. You name an
ERP package out there, we have a certified solution for it. Specifically for SAP we’re
certified on 4.6 all the way up to the current version 6.0. Built around a core group a senior
level consultants. I mentioned all of the ERP packages but we have an ERP team for every one of those ERP packages. Our SAP team has quite a
few individuals on it and those guys go around they know SAP they know the best practices for
data collection and have real-world hands-on experience
implementing these types of mobile solutions inside the four walls or out in the field for
SAP customers. I think all the guys on our team have at
least been working with SEP, SAP, excuse me, for 10-plus years and
they’ve been working the lowest one has been working with
mobile data collection solutions for I think seven-plus years. So our core competencies are really we know
the ERP system and we know data collection. Specifically for RFgen, this is
a proven solution. It’s implemented in over 2600
locations worldwide and we do things through a partner network
of 125 plus partners in over 35 countries. So this is a proven
solution. We have quite a few SAP customers using RFgen today. We’re very proud of that. Some of the reasons that these customers use
RFgen is because of the framework and I talked a bit about it a couple slides ago
but really RFgen can design, implement and deploy
any type of mobile or wireless solution. It can be on Windows
Mobile which is typically what you’re going to see in a commercial type device – Windows Mobile WinCE. But if you want to go out in the field or
you want to move to a tablet type solution, we can run on Android as well as iOS. So really the benefits of this type of solution
is you can take SAP data in a certified manner and put that on a barcode
scanning application in the warehouse, implement a voice recognition solution,
avoid picking, high speed order selection solution, in your operations or you can go out in the
field and do a roaming offline or truly mobile cellular connection
solution on a tablet or basic cellular device and
the framework of RFgen allows you to do all of that. RFgen is used in 2600 plus customers. We’re used in just about every vertical – every industry. Everything from
manufacturing to track-and-trace out in the field, field
maintenance, asset management, direct store delivery. You name it. RFgen is used there. Some of
the customers using RFgen today are listed here.
The unique thing about RFgen, a lot of these are SAP customers, the unique thing about RFgen is we have some customers that use
RFgen with one or two users against an ODBC database. We also have some of the largest multinational
corporations across the globe using RFgen.
Like Shell Oil has SAP. The use RFgen on
every offshore oil platform and in some land-based warehouses. So RFgen’s really unique. It’s very
flexible, very scalable and can really meet just about any
number of requirements for data collection. We talk specifically about our SAP suite
and RFgen is unique in that we have you know, those ERP teams and we have
the ability – we’ve taken that – those guys have the
ability to create ERP specific packages. So for SAP Really what RFgen is a MEAP. And you’ve
probably heard this before, it’s a mobile enterprise application platform.
Really what that is is the definition. MEAP is a software
package that can allow you to put mobile solutions on a variety of
different devices but it’s also going to provide your
development environment that’s going to be able to… you can take ownership of something you
can create your solutions specific to your
operations with. Beyond that RFgen’s tightly integrated
with SAP. RFgen is an SAP partner. It’s an SAP
Certified Solution. It comes with out-of-the-box pre-written,
pre-tested transactions. For SAP we have sixty-plus transactions that are
pre-built out-of-the-box and I’ll show you a list of
those here in just a moment. Really what those are is what we call the
80/20 rule. Those transactions could work out of the
box for you right away. If you have a very vanilla system and take
for example, PO receipt. It’s a fairly simple transaction. You may
do it one way or another. You may print a label as you receive the product
and slap a label on it. There are the types of small things that
you can change or you can just move on to the next item as you receive it. Really there’s
small things that you can change very easily with RFgen
because the mobile development studio. So the rapid modification
configuration to your specific processes with our development studio. And the last
but not least part is the multiple data capture scenarios. If you want to collect data offline, if
SAP goes down if you’re out in the field, if it’s real-time,
if it’s cellular, RFgen can connect in a variety of different ways. The framework to this solution, this is
really that 30 thousand-foot view of this solution. As you can see, we
have the people on the left there. They’re doing the barcode scanning
they’re doing the data collection out in the field and they’re doing on a variety of different
devices. Whether that’s on a scanner, whether that’s on a tablet that data
is going to go back to the RFgen server which is really the Runtime Environment
managing all those devices, managing all the business or
communication data back and forth between SAP. It’s validating that data real-time and
its sending that data back to SAP through the BAPI layer. And that’s really what makes RFgen a certified solution. So to mention that framework for RFgen you can see some of those devices on the left over there. Those are typical cell devices. All those
transactions were built using automated data
collection best practices. As I mentioned you can implement out-of-the-box
or customize but really with RFgen you get that look and
feel that is a very nice looking feel you’re looking at. You can have pictures, graphics text boxes, signature capture, anything in
there you can do. And then say you have an Android
device, well you take an Android theme so it’s consistent with the device. With iOS,
you can pick an iOS theme so it’s consistent with the device. Or Windows, same thing there. So really
with RFgen you get this very customized you know look and feel specific to your device specific, to your
organization, and then you can modify all that using
our development studio. So RFgen Development Studio
allows you to connect to multiple systems. Say you need to connect to a system outside of SAP. RFgen can connect to any
variety of a number of databases, or other ERP systems because we
have those certified solutions to other ERP systems. We have multi-carrier shipping solutions,
automated equipment, scales, carousels, PLC’s, you name it, RFgen can connect to it. So we talk about data collection on a
mobile device, that’s a typical commercial device on the right over there. That will be like a warehouse
device. On the left, you see the SAP screen for the PO receipt or receipt of the order. So really what RFgen does is we streamline
the workflow. Sometimes in SAP you may have, for a particular
transaction, you may have to go to 2, 3 or more screens. Well with RFgen,
what we can do is we can combine those screens really into to one easy to use
intuitive workflow on the mobile scanning device. We can
simplify things. Make it easy for the end user. We
want them to just scan and move, scan and move. Just get done with those
processes out there. So really what we do is we take various
items from from SAP put them into one easy workflow on
the device. We’re validating against SAP as we’re scanning,
as we’re collecting that data and then again we’re transacting against the
BAPI layer of SAP on the back end. Some of the transactions we have
available today are listed here. As I mentioned, we
have sixty or so transactions. Everything. Inventory management, sales
orders, purchase orders, warehouse management solutions, plant
maintenance, production orders, and then a variety of other field operation transactions. And if you don’t see a transaction here
that you like, that’s no problem at all either. RFgen integrates to the BAPI layers
so we can simply download the BAPI, using our RFgen mobile development
studio, we can create a custom transaction very quickly and very easily. I’m going to talk a little bit about the
wireless warehouse. This is what a lot of RFgen customers
specifically in SAP come to RFgen for. Is to create some
efficiencies in the warehouse. Maybe you have an inventory management problem.
Maybe you’re having problems with receiving. You wait, you receive items and you have to go back to the office, print
out a bunch of labels and you have to walk back, throw all the labels on and you have to
go back to SAP, enter all that data. Well RFgen can streamline that process and really make that one easy to use receipt. So we’re going to receive the item, put a label on it and then put it away. So or manufacturing operations, you know,
quality assurance, inspection, receipt with inspections, all these types of combinations of putting multiple transactions together and making it easy to use, streamlining
operations, that’s really something RFgen thrives on. Do you guys remember a couple years ago, the pet food company that
imported some ingredients from China and unfortunately killed a few pets? Well that was Menu Foods. Menu Foods
had a problem in their supply chain. They weren’t able to
do an effective recall and that almost put them out of business. So they came to RFgen and they said we want to streamline our supply chain, want to implement
license plating, and we want the ability to recall specific lots exactly
down to the store shelf. RFgen was able to do that. And now, Menu Foods is thriving
or Simmons Pet Foods is thriving. And really if you go to any Costco or Walmart, any of the pet food that’s their generic
brand is made by Menu Foods so they’re thriving today. That’s a great example one of our warehouse operations
customers. So some companies specifically in
SAP like to come to RFgen to achieve 24/7
operations. What I mean by this is when you’re working
in the shop floor and SAP goes down. Well, the data collection system could be
down. Now if it’s a browser-based solution it’s certainly down. With RFgen we can keep everything up and running. We can have remote sites where you have
connection problems back to SAP or maybe SAP’s hosted somewhere where the data connection is not
very reliable and you want to manage things effectively at a local level. RFgen can help you
do that. Really, if you’re doing backups or unintended downtime RFgen can keep those
shop for operations running because we take a local view of the level
and we have the RFgen solution there, or the RFgen server on a local level, we work off that data
and when SAP’s back up we just update it at that time. It’s first in
first out. You always see a local view of your data so everyone knows what’s
going on at that particular site at any given time. As I mentioned earlier, some of the network connectivity scenarios we have is real-time which is what most people prefer for sub-second responses to and from SAP but
we can do a hand-held offline where we’re out in the field and we’re collecting data and we walk back
into a wifi hotspot upload it to RFgen and then it makes its way to SAP. We can do the High Availability mode which we
just talked about which is when the SAP ERP back end is no
longer available we can keep the shop floor in operations.
Where’s it’s manufacturing that’s particularly where this comes in, where it’s very helpful. One of our customers do a lot of manufacturing in China and when they did their down
time over here in the US it put them down for about four hours and then with our high availability
mode they’re able to keep those manufacturing operations up and running even while SAP was down here in the US. I talked a
little bit about Shell earlier. Shell uses RFgen against SAP on offshore oil platforms. They have relatively no connectivity, zero
connectivity back to SAP sometimes. So with RFgen they were able to create a solution that works primarily
offline then uploads via satellite at certain
intervals. Really, with RFgen it provides
guaranteed transaction delivery and execution against SAP so
Shell’s committed RFgen to rolling out, actually
they’re still in the process of rolling this out to all of their oil platforms. Let’s talk a little
bit about the mobile solution, What you can do with RFgen. Specifically it’s mobile solutions. We
support cellular connectivity with automatic VPN establishment providing ERP access from any Windows, Android-based device as well as iOS. We can do vendor managed inventory,
product returns, drop ship, proof of delivery always tied to the mobile solutions that
are available for you with this type framework. Expanding
upon that, you can do field service, route accounting, true batch
solutions, and sales force automation. we have transactions pre-built for those
and you can modify them to meet your exact needs on your particular device – whether that’s
a scanner, whether that’s a tablet. One of our customers, Antea Group, that picture is actually from their case study, they go out and collect water samples
and they use a windows-based tablet for that. They
collect everything on site on the tablet and that data is then sent back to their
ERP system. So really, all this framework is there for
you depending on whether it’s a scanning application you want in the warehouse or out in the field on any type device. Another case study that we
have is Newell Rubbermaid uses RFgen. Not only for manufacturing because they make
Rubbermaid, Sharpie, some cookware. Really, they
have to get that product out and they use RFgen all throughout Asia with
700-plus delivery drivers doing direct store delivery for their products and really where it’s
a mobile solution over China cellular network and you know they’ve been using RFgen for about 6-7
years now so it’s one of our largest customers. And lastly, what our
customers are saying. Really is that the framework for RFgen, the ability to put it on any device, the ability to provide certified
ERP connectivity back to SAP, the ability to go offline with the
handheld, offline with the ERP system. The ability to
connect to carousels, automated equipment, PLC’s, and scales. There’s a lot of benefits to using this
type of solution. And Madix, there at the top, Madix makes displays store promotions, custom panels and
they’ve been using RFgen for SAP for going on I think two or three years now. I believe
two years. They use it for inventory management as well as manufacturing. Southern
California Edison is a SAP customer of ours. A power company in Southern California.
They use RFgen in the field for a variety of operations – typically
offline solutions for positioning as well as inventory management
at remote warehouses. And then Provimi. Provimi is another pet
food manufacturer that’s been using RFgen against SAP
in a global sense. They use RFgen at various sites in
Europe, various sites in the US, as well as in South America all for manufacturing, inventory management, as well as distribution pieces. So as you can see we talked a little bit
about the 8 challenges data collection
solves. We talked a little bit about who we are as
a company and RFgen and talked a little bit about the framework
of our solution against SAP and I hope that what you take
away from this is that we have ERP certified connectivity and if
you have any need for data collection whether it’s a simple
barcode scanning application in the warehouse or with manufacturing or it’s a field solution that you want to put on a tablet or you want to put on a scanner or small PDA-type device RFgen has pre-built applications for that and
RFgen can create and implement that solution very quickly and very specific to your
exact requirements. I’m going to go ahead and open it up. Are
there any questions at all? *static on the line* Hello? This is Anita from Granger and we have some questions.
One of the things we’re looking for is a method to able to capture signatures
when our customers come to our warehouse or branches for will call? We use SAP today. What would you recommend in that space to be able to capture signatures
so that we can then provide proof of delivery to our customers and to make sure our accounting processes are fully complete? *Jay responds* Yeah no problem. We actually
have a pre-built application for signature capture we can add that
to any solution for any particular SAP transaction so we certainly have a solution for you
and we’d love to follow up with you when we end the call.
We can actually show that to you in a demo that later time. *ANITA* yeah, that would be great. To expand on that, what devices do you work on? Are you iPad? Android? *JAY* Yes, it’s regardless. Whatever you
prefer. If it’s going to be in a commercial environment, you may want something a little more sturdy
than an iPad but you could use that. *ANITA* I’m looking for cost effective devices. So do you use typical signature pads like you see at Target or Home Depot? *JAY* Right, so yes so we can do that. Really, RFgen is hardware independent
and we have a hardware team that can provide a variety of different devices from numerous manufacturers so we’ll get you set up with something. *ANITA* Ok, great. So it sounds like you already have a pre-built screen that’s connected to SAP. *JAY* Right, so yes, what it is is an alternative user
interface so with RFgen we’re going to create an alternative graphical interface that is going to go onto
the device which some of them are pre-built and then we add a signature
capture to that link that back to your SAP BAPI layer, then you have a system that goes on a mobile device whether it’s a
tablet or scanner or whatever and it’s all going to send data back
and forth between SAP in a certified manner. *Anita* So for the signature capture where does it reside on the record to be able to be pulled up later? Is it an attachment or an image? How does that look? *Jay* Yeah, we’ve had it’s stored in a
variety of different ways We have to store it somewhere so whether it’s in SAP or in an alternate data source. It’s really done it in a variety of different ways but
there is a certain area we would have to store that but it
will be accessible to you in the future for certain *background noise* *Anita* Is it possible to get a little bit more
information on that? Expand upon it a little bit? For us it would be very helpful. *Jay* Okay will do. We’ll send you some
information. *Anita* Ok. Have you ever with you Granger before? *Jay* I don’t think we have. *Anita* That’s all the questions we have at this time. *Jay* Ok great, thank you. Does anyone else have any questions? Again my name is Jay Eddinger and we see [email protected] and you can see our website We have a lot of SAP specific data on there. On the website if you go to the SAP tab we have our Visio diagrams, every transaction is actually
completely documented so you’ll see what a typical very baseline RFgen transaction
looks like. The Visio diagrams for collecting
that data and sending it to SAP. Really a lot information on the
website and if you have any specific questions
you can always feel free to give us a call or send us an email to [email protected] if you have any
specific questions. *Anita* Ok, thank you very much. *Jay* Yup. I want to thank everybody for joining us today.
I really appreciate your time and again if you have any questions
please feel free to give us a call or send us an email. Have a great day!

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