How to Fix iPad Disabled Connect to iTunes

I need to know how to fix iPad disabled connect
to iTunes. That’s a problem given how many iPad problems
are fixed by connecting and syncing or updating with iTunes. That doesn’t tell me how to fix this problem. In this situation, it is usually trying to
require a pass code to connect to iTunes and became disabled from too many failed attempts. So what do I do? Turn off the iPad, hold down the home button,
plug it into a computer while holding down the home button until the iTunes logo comes
up. That’s recovery mode. You can access recovery mode and do a restore
without a pass code, if you forgot it. And you can thus recover the device while getting
your pass code resolved by tech support. The Apple store and genius bar are pretty
far from here. If recovery mode doesn’t work, you can try
to plug the iPad into a computer, turn it off, hold down home for three seconds, then
keep holding that down while you hold down the home button for another twenty seconds. That brings up DFU mode. DFU mode will let you connect to iTunes, such
as when you need to update iTunes on the device. But it doesn’t load the iPad OS, which is
why the screen is usually dark until you tell it to do something. You know you’re not in DFU mode if you see
the iTunes logo or restore logo. DFU mode lets you update firmware or downgrade
it as necessary. Or start the process of jail breaking the
iPhone. If you want to get out of DFU mode, hold down
the home and power buttons while connected to iTunes, then hold down the power button,
and it will reboot. And if that doesn’t work, what else could
I try? If you can get iTunes up on the computer connected
to the iPad, right click on the icon and select the back up option. You can hit control S if that doesn’t come
up on its own. After you back up, select to restore from
iTunes. It may ask for the passcode. If it does and you don’t have that resolved
yet, try the process on any computer the iPad has been synced to before. I don’t know if I’ve ever synched it. Then the process is shut down the iPad, plug
in the sync cable while holding down home, don’t release the home button until you see
the connect to iTunes message. The computer should see the device in recovery
mode at that point. Yes, and you select OK and then restore. And
it shouldn’t ask for the pass code during this process. I’ve heard you could fix it without iTunes. If you had the find my iPhone app installed
on the iPad, you can use the remote wipe function. Or erase the password from your iCloud account
and then restoring your backup. There are jokes that there is always an app
for that, but I hadn’t thought of that use for that app. If you set the iPad to erase after ten failed
passcode attempts, the simplest solution is to keep trying the pass code that didn’t work,
and then you’re good to try the other methods we already talked about.

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