How to fill Experience Details in PMP Application ?

how're friends I'm socket person I'm a Legionnaire a Tyson please consistency clarity link and today I am talking about how to fill your experience in PFD application form now a lot of time I get query from PMD esperance that what is this 2,500 or 4500 hours of experience is all about now you might be knowing that in order to get qualified or we meet the eligibility criteria of PMP you need to have four thousand five hundred hours of limiting and directing project work experience now this four thousand five hundred hours works well if you have a four years of degree like 16 years of Education if you don't have that then you need to have 7500 hours which is five years of leading and directing project work experience now what this reading and directing Tom mean as a testicle to you now PMI has made another document which is called PMP examination content outline and in this particular document they have explained what is this leading and directing project work is all about they you identified five domains and these five domains are having type of tasks which a project manager where a typical PMP certified person should be perfect these five domains are initiating planning executing monitoring and controlling and closing now the initiating the project the first domain out of these five hands is all about doing the work which is required in order to start a project like helping your sponsor in preparing the project Charter doing a stakeholder and if occation identifying who all are important for this particular project or helping stakeholders or a business manager to prepare a business case for a given project all involved in activities like cost-benefit analysis so if you have multiple project to select from involvement in doing a cost-benefit analysis all identifying which project you should select this also falls under initiating project process group or initiating project i doing you may also be involved in doing high levels coding because before you start a project you need to identify what this is all about high level project scope high level risk identification documenting assumptions during the between at the initial stage of of your projects so these are types of tasks falls under initiating domain planning the project and timing is one of the critical activity which product manager does we're going to do employee you start with a high level scope which is coming from initiating the project the previous domain which we have discussed now once you have that high level scope you try to identify detail tasks or you first document this high level scope into detail your scope so you prepare a detailed scope statement you may also create a work breakdown structure a graphical or a high level representation of the given scope and after having a scope documented you try to identify activities or tasks which you should be doing or you should be getting done so that we can achieve the project scope so you do an activity is like I am defined tasks or an activities after identifying those tasks and activities you also think about who should be doing this work so you allocate resources to them you also think of what is the best way of organizing the schedule so you do all should rule analysis critical path analysis doing doing all these things you also need to learn about recruiting human resource you also need to look at risks that do we have any risk in this human area you can't forget about money so you also need to prepare a budget you need to estimate what all it will take this particular work you may also end up hiding someone for doing a part of work so you also do a procurement time you try to modify what all work can be outsourced you may also do a communication planning that how frequently you are going to send your report details to external stakeholders you also plan that how are you going to manage for ensure that organization quality policies get to implement it well in your projects so these all types of activities these all type of task falls under planning domain now third of in area executing the project so you have done with the planning now it's time to get the work done now when you party you were thinking about that these would be the sequence of activities these are the guys will be working on it now you do get those guys working on that particular thing and while working if they find any issues you need to manage that if they have any conflict you need to resolve it if they need any help from any other party you need to get it done so in executing you ensure that whatever quality plan whatever scope plan you have made in your planning process they really get executed so I do ensure the adherence to quality virtual service to give a scope you also ensure that in between whenever there is a conflict those get resolved you also try to build a team so you do a team development or you also prove perform an individual performance assessment so these kind of activities falls under executing domain of out of this fight the fourth domain now what we did we made a plan and we started working on it now we should have a domain or type of task which ensures that we are working as per plan or task which also identify which are the variances so the monitoring and controlling process is the monitoring and controlling domain is all about that where we start with a plan let me take data from a beauty so something is happening activities are getting done and we do various analysis in order to ensure that things are things remains as per plan if something has to be changed because as you start executing you may get new ideas you may get new requests so the change management is one of the important part of monitoring and controlling process activity is like filling a change request getting it reviewed doing the chain assessment for those change requests participating in change control or explaining the reasons behind those change all falls under what using a controlling process group or monitoring and controlling domain activities like controlling scope like ensuring that people whatever has been developed from executing is matching with our planning so supporting the user acceptance testing kind of activity falls under monitoring and controlling so if you are involved in unity you are performing or facilitating a one of the activity coming from monitoring and control why do you control a a set of individuals ensuring that things are adhering to the specification also falls under monitoring and controlling process domain activities like keeping eye on risks keeping my eye on your vendor ensuring that he is working as per the given contract also falls under monitoring and controlling process Tory's the final domain the fifth one all about closing the project so when you are done with your work you need to take final acceptance you need to also record your learnings you you also need to record whatever kind of documents which you have generated like contracts you have signed or contracts we have closed with your vendors then you close the project so closing a project is all about archiving documents archiving lessons updating automation process assets so that people can take learning from your project also taking final acceptance from your customer usually you may get involved in an activity where you need to take a sign-off from a customer on the basis of that particular sign of your finance department making generate and it was so whatever is needed to legally close the project is false under closing process club it will also fall like conducting a lesson on bidding kind of activities will also falls under a cruise process group or crews project to me now you have understood all the project process domains you understand that there is a initiating learning executing monitoring and controlling and closing and as a project manager you need to have experience in all these five processes you need to be performing all activities or some of those activities which I have discussed in the in this video now once you are done with it you need to think about how to fill all this in your PMP application for now filling all these in PMP application form is a five step process first you need to fill the basic details related to your project second you need to fill a basic details related to your organization for whom you were performing this particular project third you need to fill a detail I contacted a of a person who was working with you or the person who can tell or would verify or who can help others or PMI to validate that yes you have been working on this particular project after that you need to fill the fourth step you need to fill your hours of experience four hours you spend divided or a distributed in these five domain areas which we have discussed in our previous sections and finally you need to write assembly the fifth step sumreen ever project detail or something ever you are ruling responsively detail related to that particular project step one project information very simple first you need to write a title about your project like what somebody level all titles which can tell about a given project you start it it's ended the whole you played in that particular project it's not necessary that role should match with your designation you may be having a designation of team leader but you might have played a role of project manager in that particular project so you need to select the role and then another field which talks about in which industry there is a drop down this project was all about so these are the four basic information you need to write in step one step two is all about organisation details it's like a physical address phone number state country these kind of details related to your organization if you are working or if you feel perform political project in the same organization you can write these ordination detail once and you can pick it from the same organization also so while you are filling it you don't need to write the same ordination details again and again step 3 you need to write an email detail a phone number a relationship between you and that perp and the contact person like how this person was related with you and his contact details now why are you filling this particular information to take care about the fact that in case you get selected for the audit you need to take signature from this particular person so identify a person who is approachable to you except for now distributing you were ours in these five domains now you spoke about these five domains in this particular step if you have for example spent two thousand hours in a given project you need to divide these two thousand hours in five domains initiating learning monitoring and executing monitoring and controlling and closing now you don't have to use very scientific method for this division you can use some judgment and it is also not necessary that you have experience in all these five domains in all the projects in total if you are for years degree and approaching from 4,500 hours in 4,500 hours you must have experience in all these five domains but for a given particular project it's not necessary that you have experience in all the five areas there is a possibility you were not involved during the initial stage of that particular project you started the project from planning phase so in that particular case you don't have to distribute hours in initiating activities now a lot of times people wonder that how do they calculate these particular hours in general I work with one year more or less equal to 2,000 hours so if you are spending like three years and as for the PMI application also 4,500 hours in three-year time period so you can work with nearby 2000 hours and I know you can work with 170 160 hours per month kind of figure in order to identify your experience in a given project and do remember if you are running two projects in parallel only one way that considers so it's better to fill the application in a way where you don't have parallel projects now final step and here you need to type your experience in maximum 500 force try to pick activities from all those five domains will you are mentioning the hours now we spoke about various activities which are falling under various domains if you have shown that you were involved in initiating process initiating domain then do pick an activity in your description which shows that yes you performed something which falls under initiative like helping project sponsor in preparing a project charter or undefined high level list so this cool you should follow for all the five process domains and as for your our distribution give a majority so also the description should also match with your distribution of hours in a five domains so for example if you are showing a good number of hours in turning then when you are this making a description you must write more and more activities which were linked to drive a simple so it up it up to you you may write a paragraph statement oh you may write it bullet point statements I usually prefer a bullet point statements because it's easy for learner to write and also reader to read so you can just specify that I was involved in identifying high-level raised I was involved in doing circular analysis I performed his ten Alice's so this kind of small small statements communicates that yes you have been working on leading and directing project work and also makes you eligible for the PMP application so in summary this is how you can follow the complete experience part of your PMP application its life simple just be clear that you don't have to be very scientifically accurate about the numbers try to pick the activities which match with your domain mapping and try to identify a right person for your conduct so who can be contacted in case of your audited selected your application were selected for audit till now we have not seen any example we had PMI is making call or an email to a given individual but that can happen and it usually happen when somebody complains about you so better you find the right person for that particular job in case you have any query related to PMP application process you can come to us you can join you can post that particular query in our forum or contact me through any of our social channel thanks for watching our video on PLP certification experience filling

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