How to Delete Videos from iPhone using iTunes

Hi! Let’s delete some unwanted videos from our iPhone Connect iphone to the PC and Open iTunes Click on the tiny phone icon and you are going to land on Summary of your device Now scroll down Summary and you’ll see some options Click on the checkbox “Manually manage music and videos” Now, before we apply settings we can see that it doesn’t allow us to delete any video from Movies folder under “On my device” section Lets get back to the summary options and apply settings Now go to Movies folder Right click on the video you want to delete and select option “Delete from Library” An alert pop will appear asking you for permission to delete select video Click on delete and the video will be removed from the list Click on Sync button (bottom of the screen) Go to Summary section Click on Done button Bravo!! you have got your unwanted video deleted from your beloved iPhone. Please subscribe for more videos related to your iPhone remedies. Thanks for watching

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